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Massage therapy and chiropractic care often go hand in hand with one another.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk about massage.

You know a lot of patients always ask, “Hey, would I benefit from a massage”? With today’s stressful world and tension and computers and sitting usually the answer is absolutely 100%, you’d benefit from some sort of massage.

A lot of people like relaxation massage which is designed to get blood flowing, relax muscles, relieve tension, relieve stress and calm the nerve system down. We see quite a few relaxation massages.

One of our other specialties is therapeutic massage. People who may have sustained a sports injury, a fall, motor vehicle accident; these are more treatment focused massage sessions. We have multiple massage therapists in the clinic to help with these things and they specialize in therapeutic massage, they can also do relaxation massage if that’s a request.

Massage therapy is good for all types of ailments neck pain, back pain, headaches, leg cramps, muscle tension, stress, even carpal tunnel, shoulder problems, hip and leg, foot pain.

Some of our massage therapists really specialized in lower extremity, balance, shoulder balance, head posture, so there’s a lot of things we can focus on.  Whiplash cases, slip and falls; a lot of times people have injuries and they’ll have muscle imbalances and our massage therapist can help work that out.

People who are just looking to reduce stress and tension from a long hard week or an event they went to and they just want to relieve some stress. There’s all types of things massage can help with and we’d be happy to help you with any of those.

So, chiropractic and massage work hand-in-hand with restoring the recuperative powers of the body. I always say chiropractic adjustments help open up the nerves. The nerves are what run everything and so if there’s pressure or stress or tension on a nerve that’s ultimately going to affect the way muscles function.

If you can open up a nerve that’s controlling a group of muscles and then have a massage therapist do some sort of therapeutic or stretching type of procedures to help restore the function to that muscle; and this works really well with car accidents we see the correlation of massage and chiropractic adjustments really help people improve their flexibility reduce swelling reduce pain regain most if not all of their pre-injury function.

That’s really the goal working with chiropractic and massage therapists. We have both in our office, you can schedule times together we work with all kinds of insurance. Some of our massage therapists are contracted with Kaiser with Blue Cross, Aetna. These are all types of patients that some of our therapists can handle. We would just have to find specific benefits for you and see if one of our therapists are on your panel and we’d be happy to do that for you.

Call our office if you’re interested in a free consultation. The number is (360) 260-6903.

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