Chiropractor For Posture Problems

Posture issues affect not only adults but kids as well. If you have a posture deficit chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy in Vancouver Washington.

Today’s topic is spinal posture.

You know a lot of people come into our office and go, well I think I have headaches or have back pain or my shoulder hurts because I have bad posture. I say, well how do you know you have bad posture? They said well I look in the mirror and my head’s tipped, my shoulders elevated, or maybe my pelvis is rotated to one side, or a doctor told me I had a short leg. So, those are all signs that you have some postural issues.

Now one of the ways we analyze is through a postural exam, posture evaluation. The other way is we take an x-ray. For example in the neck there is supposed to be a nice 45-degree curve, we call it this cervical curve or the arc of life.

When you lose that curve, we can actually see that evident on the x-ray, so when you lose the curve it’s going to put tension on the cord inside the vertebra and the nerve root to come out which can lead to dysfunction and over time it can lead to degeneration.

We’re seeing it now more and more with kids. When we say, kids, we say eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve-year-olds. They have backpacks, they’re leaning forward, they’re looking down all the time texting. So now there’s a condition called textures neck where these kids have text issues, they have neck pain, they’re even getting carpal tunnel, shoulder pain.

These are all things that chiropractic can help you with and if you’re not getting checked to see if there’s dysfunction in the spine eventually it’s going to lead to degeneration and loss of joint integrity. That’s really what chiropractic is all about.

So, if you’re interested in improving your post)re or you know you have a postural deficit and want to get checked and maybe get on a game plan to help improve that call our office (360) 260-6903. We’re here in Vancouver Washington, be happy to schedule you for a consultation with one of our doctors to see if we can help you.

Posture Chiropractic Care Case Study



What are you being treated for?

More of a substation in my neck. I’ve been with Dr. Troy for a long time and he keeps putting me together.

How are the chiropractic adjustments helping you feel?

I have straightened up quite a bit.

You’re  are able to stand a little bit straighter?

Yeah and I can keep working and that’s good.

What would you tell your friends about chiropractic treatment?

It sure helps. Some health problems interfere with a chiropractor you know like back problems, neck pains, and you know it does help.

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