Back And Neck Pain – Get Out Of Pain Fast


In this video, chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling talks about back and neck pain.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I’ve been in Vancouver over 22 years, serving patients. I want to talk about how you get out of pain fast. What kind of pain? Spinal pain, back pain, neck pain, these things we see rapidly improve with the techniques that we use in our office.

So a lot of patients, I had one guy, recently, he spent 20 years going to different doctors, trying different medications, injections, therapies. Nothing was working for him. He came to us and within eight weeks, got 90% improvement in his function.

So, how do we measure that? Well, we use a form called a quad visual analog scale.

It actually helps to measure:

  • When is your pain at its worst?
  • When’s it at its best
  • What’s the average pain?
  • What is it right now?

Then, we take that score and we calculate it and we say, “Here’s your number on a scale of one to a hundred. So, let’s say you’re an 80. We would say, “Hey, your goal for the first four weeks of care would be maybe to reduce that fifty percent.” I always underestimate.

I just had a guy, he was an 80. I said, “Hey, let’s get you to 60 and in four weeks and see where we are at.” He went to a 12. So in four weeks, he went from an 80 out of 100 down to a 12 and he’s functioning. He’s moving. This guy is older. He’s never taken care of himself. So I went, “Wow, this is pretty amazing that you got some fast results.”

Then there’s some, I had a lady who had migraines, just after a fall. She continued having more and more migraines, so we sent her to a neurologist to have her check outed; make sure there’s something in her brain that’s not being disconnected.

Most people are going to respond very quickly. They’re going to respond very good. The adjustments feel good.


A couple things we do in our office, we do traction. Traction is going to help, especially the neck. It’s going to help restore the curve. It’s going to help open the discs. It’s going to help the ligaments. It’s going to get blood flow. It’s going to relax the muscles.

The Wobble Chair

Then, we use therapeutic exercises on a wobble board type chair, where we do certain exercises to strengthen the lower back, to help hydrate the discs, take the pressure off the nerves, relax the muscles.

Other Types of Care

Then I use very specific chiropractic techniques. To do what? To help improve joint segment mobility, to help clear out the edema, the swelling, the stuff that makes your hurt all the time, to get the nerve system flowing.

Then, we’ve got some home care stuff you can do. The patients who follow the frequency of what we recommend and do their home care and take some psyllium and do some of the stretches that we tell them to do, the icing, those are the ones that get the best results.


So, I always encourage patients to follow the recommendations. Let us be your doctor, you be the patient. A lot of times, that patients think they’re the doctor. They think they know what they need and they struggle with getting the best results. So, we always like to measure the outcome, show you the improvement so that you’re happy patient, you’ll send us patients and that we get a healthier community to live around.

So, we always like to measure the outcome, show you the improvement so that you’re happy patient, you’ll send us patients and that we get a healthier community to live around.

So if you’re interested in coming in, Dr. Troy, free consultation, come see us. (360) 260-6903