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We at Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington are very proud of our chiropractor reviews. Every patient we treat at our health center is given the highest level of care to help you take back your health and live a pain-free life. We are proud to have earned reviews from our patients on various sites including Facebook, Yellow Pages, and Healthgrades..

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Recently moving to Vancouver, we needed to find a new Chiropractor. For a seasoned patient of chiropractic care this is taken seriously. I started going to near by offices to find a chiropractor who would work with us and our special needs. Like a lot of couples I need a doctor who can adjust me totally different then my husband. Every office I visited wanted to charge us outrageous fees for x-rays and initial visit. Dr. Troy took into account we were two patients and gave us a reasonable price for both of us. We were quite surprised that there was no pain what so ever during any of our visits, just relief. Thank you Dr.Troy, you will be our chiropractor for as long as we live in this area, Pat and Faith

- Faith Whaley

I love this place! It’s going to make me feel better about my back pain, shoulder pain, stress pain, and other pain in my body. The staff are very friendly and Dr. Troy is the best Chiropractor. He is very friendly and he cares about your whole being and being healthy. Anyways, this place is like my therapy place, especially when I get to have my massages! Mary

- Mary Tierra

I went to see Dr Troy due to a stiff neck that had caused a horrible headache for 7 straight days. After just one adjustment, my headache finally went away. Dr Troy and his staff don’t just treat you like another number, they truly care about your health and happiness and make you feel like part of there family. I always get greeted by name and with a smile and when I leave they always wish me a good rest of the day. One thing I like about this particular office compared to other chiropractors I have visited in the past, is that I can get in and out in under 15 min on most days. Thank you Dr. Troy for allowing me to be able to live a very full and rewarding life because of the adjustments I am getting each week from you. I feel healthier now then I have in the last 15 years since I started seeing you on a regular basis.

- Angel Pivowar

Outstanding customer service.The Doc, is great at adjusting my back problem. I felt results in the first day, the second treatment my body felt less fatigue. But most important i feel that my back and neck problem is improving. I will definitely recommend Zenaptic chiropractic. Very friendly environment.

- evo ha

Dr. Troy is a master at his skill and trade. I was at a Chiropractic Biomechanics Seminar with him this past weekend and it is exciting to see a chiropractor take such pride and excitement to learn more and become better for his patients and still have a desire to learn more about the spine after all his years in practice! He is a true inspiration with a lot of great knowledge he shared with me to help me be better for my patients.
Thanks Dr. Troy keep learning!!

- Dr Jeff Garofalo

My back has always had problems ever since I was young. In those days fresh out of college I started out as a beat reporter at a 2-bit, mid-level paper with a heart full of gasoline and a head full of dreams. My father was a canner, God rest his soul, but he hated it. You’d never know by seeing the way he looked at my mother though. When he was with her all of life stood still between them. And when they would whisper to each other in the kitchen it was like the ground around our house became holy. We would lower our voices and walk with reverence. As for me? Any dame would do as long as they weren’t getting in the way of my climb to the top. Anyway, I lifted a lawnmower wrong and the Doc fixed me right up.

- Johnny Driver

Dr. Troy is the Best Chiropractor! If you are on the fence about going to a chiropractor–choose Zenaptic Chiropractic for a guarantee to get your quality of life back! Thanks for the great adjustments! You and your staff ROCK!!

- Cathy Grieb

So amazing!! From customer service, technique, working with financial to just absolute healing hands. Dr Troy will always have my vote, thanks to you Troy and your team. God bless, mama of four. Sabrina.

- Jesse Trask

I have suffered from severe migraines for most of my adult life. I taught my body how to deal with the pain by drinking more water or just sitting down and taking a break and before long just started ignoring my pain. After having Dr. Troy adjust me for the first time, I felt instant relief. I could literally feel the oxygen start flowing through my body more freely. Not only did Dr. Troy help me with my migraines, but I can now move more freely and enjoy being active with my kids. If your looking for a natural relief from pain, or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, then this is the place to be. Dr. Troy is constantly focused on educating his patients and giving them the information that they need to retain to get the full potential out of their life. Thanks Dr. Troy!

- Chelsea Goldin

Dr. Troy has helped me so much since my car accident. I always look forward to my adjustment. I feel better than I have in a long time thanks to Zenaptic Chiropractic. The ladies at the front desk are always cheerful and help you with whatever you need. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Richard LaBrache

Great Doctor, Great atmosphere, great rates! I highly recommend Dr Troy and Zenaptic Chiropractic!

- Vanessa Raimondo

If you are looking for a great doctor who cares about his patients and gives 100% of himself, then look no further.

- Thomas Grace

I’ve been impressed with Zenaptic Chiro since I walked in their doors in June, 2016! I had been in a car accident and I was referred here for care. It is a very welcoming, family ‘feel’ environment and every staff member is awesome! The massages are amazingly great as well- I looked forward to them every week! Dr. Troy is running a very caring, professional, genuine, informative, fun, healing practice and I would definitely recommend anyone seek their care if they are having any health issues. My headaches are gone and I’ve made new friends! Three thumbs up for me! Thank you everyone at Zenaptic!

- Jodee Justice

Amazing experience! My wife and I get adjusted by Dr. Troy… FEEL GREAT…. Great office, friendly staff, great results!!!! Have been very pleased with our experience!!!

- Erich Zielinski

Dr. Troy and his team are wonderful! I’ve been going for 10 years. Excellent wellness care. Now I’m taking my baby with me. 🙂

- Stephan Ainley

Zenaptic is a God-send! I heard about it on the radio and was able to take advantage of the radio special. Even though it was a ways to travel from Salem, OR it was worth it. I tried a sample of the Chlorella tablets. When I realized that it only contained one days worth, I was sceptical that I could notice any kind of difference but I did realize and improved elimination and reduction in pain. I so appreciate providers that are truly out to serve and help rather than grab all the money they can. Jeanie Owen

- Jeanie Owen

Amazing place to go!!! The staff is friendly and cares about getting you better. They all know your name and great you every time you go in. Flexible with payment plans. And have fun classes you can take every few weeks. There’s never a dull moment at this chiropractor office.

- Keyanna Owen

love this place. the staff is just amazing. the job is well done #greenthumb

- Fabrice Fondjo

Zenaptic Chiropractic is the best and most professional chiropractic and massage services I have ever had. I have been looking for a chiropractic due to severe back and neck pain for several months. When I found Zenaptic Chiropractic so close to my house, I was thrilled. Dr. Troy is kind, professional and most important knows what he is doing. I honestly had tears in my eyes when he explained to me what was going on with me, why I had pain and how to help me be pain free. I have been seeing Dr. Troy for a month now and pain went away. I also have massage with Bruce who works at Dr. Troy’s office. He is the best massage therapist I ever had. After suffering for months from severe back and neck pain, be pain free is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Troy and his team to everyone. In addition, their office is high tech and so relaxing to be in. Every patient also does exercises with special equipment before adjustment to make it more efficient. There is also hydro table and other equipment I use before adjustment that helps me so much to relax and make my adjustment more efficient. Thank you Dr. Troy and Bruce. I am very grateful!

- Anjelika Layco

So friendly and nice! Had a massage here yesterday and it was great!

- Miranda Belsher

love this place i feel all new when i leave here.getting an adjustment is very nice and the staff is great.

- Heath Gast

Dr.Troy and his team are the best! They are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I never get twisted into a pretzel and always leave feeling fantastic!

- Jessica Sedei

Jim’s Review – And I’d like for you to go to him, too!

Q: Why did you come in?

A: I was having muscle spasms in my back pretty regularly and I used to go to a chiropractor down in

California and then when I moved up here I didn’t know who to go to and one of my friends told me about Zenaptic Chiropractic. I came in and he worked on me and I haven’t had any muscle spasm since then so i’m just thankful for Zenaptic Chiropractic


Q: What would you tell your friends?

A: I would tell them to come here if you have any back issues. There’s only 1 i’m going to go to and I’d like for you to go to him too.


- Jim

Jose’s Review – Everyone is friendly and kind

Q: Why did you start coming Here?

A: Because I saw a sign that said that they could help with arthritis.

Q: How has Chiropractic Helped you so far?

A: Its helped me a lot especially because I’ve had this condition for several years. I’m feeling better.

Q: What Would you say to your friends?

A: I would say that everyone is very friendly and kind. They treat everyone great here and they should definitely come.

En Espanol

Q: Porque vino usted a esta clinica?

A: Porque vi un letrero que decia que podia ayudar con el artritis.

Q: Como le hay ayudado el Quiropratica hasta ahora?

A: Eh mejorado mucho y eh tenido este condicion por mucho tiempo. Pero si me siento mejor.

Q: Que le diria a sus amigos?

A: Puse le diria que dan muy buen servicio y son muy amables. Deberian venir aqui

- Jose

Kaylee’s Review – I love the people here!

Q: Why did you come in for treatment?

A: I came in for treatment because I was in a car accident and I started having really bad pain in my lower back, my neck and I started having really bad migraines.

Q: How has chiropractic care been helping?

A: It’s completely gotten rid of my migraines. I only have them once in a while now and it’s helping my back slowly. But, it’s helping a lot I can really feel when I don’t come in for a few days and then I’m like oh my back’s starting to hurt and then I’ll come in and then it’s all better.

Q: What would you tell your friends?

A: I would tell my friends that this is a great environment. I love the people here, they greet me by name every time I come in and it’s just it’s fun and everyone knows you in here it’s awesome.

- Kaylee

Laura’s Review – It actually works!

Q: Why did you come see a chiropractor?

A: Well, a lady called me on the phone after my accident and I wasn’t even thinking that I hurt anywhere until I came and they started pushing around and stuff and I’m going, oh my goodness, so that’s about

Q: What kind of pain were you having?

A: Well I was having neck pain, back pain, and down in my hip area.

Q: How has chiropractic care helped you?

A: It’s getting better. I still have further to go but it’s getting better.

Q: That’s good. What would you tell your friends then about chiropractic treatment?

A: It actually works and they should come

- Laura

Elizabeth’s Review – Go see Dr. Troy, he’ll get you back on track!

Q: Why did you come in for treatment? What kind of pain where you having?

A:  I was having multiple kinds of pain. I had pain in my back, my hips and my knees. But, in addition to that I was having intestinal issues which were cleared up.

Q: Awesome and so how has chiropractic care helped?

A: Chiropractic care has helped, first of all as I say my intestinal issues have been resolved, I’m not having the hip pain that I was having that the lower back pain as much, my knee pain is much better and so is my neck. It’s controllable now, I’m not taking medications for it.

Q: Awesome. What would you tell your friends?

A: I’d say and I have on numerous occasions, go see Dr. Troy that he’ll get you on the right track.

- Elizabeth

Christina’s Review – Not only are you getting an adjustment here but you’re making really
good companions.

Q: What was happening why’d you come see a chiropractor?

A:  I got in the car accident and I had upper back pain and lower neck pain and some pain in my arms so I came to the chiropractor to relieve that pain.

Q: How has the chiropractic treatment helped?

A: Oh, it’s helped a lot. The adjustments with the combination of the massages have relieved it and made the pain easier to go throughout my day. As the weeks go by and with each adjustment my pain is starting to go away.

Q: Awesome. What would you tell your friends?

A:  I would tell them that not only are you getting an adjustment here but you’re making really good companions. The people know your name, you come in and you’re greeted well so it’s a place not only to get care but to get treated with respect and dignity and more than just a patient.

- Christina

Catrina’s Review –  I can actually work in the yard, go out dancing, enjoy life!

Q: When you started coming in for a care what kind of problems were you having?

A: Well, back in nineteen eighty-five I was in a car accident. I was ran into by a drunk driver and I had been to numerous chiropractors and I just never was getting any relief. I was having severe headaches, migraines, the back pain would lay me up for a week. I came in, saw Dr. Troy and he was able to help me Since then I’ve also been into 2 rear-ending car accidents, unfortunately, and he has helped me go from about I would say a nine in pain to virtually no pain at all. He’s the only chiropractor that I’ve been to that has given me this relief.

Q: How has chiropractic treatment helped you and your quality of life?

A: I can actually work in the yard, go out dancing, enjoy life. Sit, there were times where I couldn’t sit, you know flying was very uncomfortable right and a car was uncomfortable. I have pain occasionally but it’s significantly better.

Q: Awesome. What would you tell your friends?

A: I’ve referred several friends to come to see Dr. Troy including my husband and he’s improved his game of golf from coming to see Ddr. Troy.

- Catrina

Lee’s Review – If you want to be able to move when you’re seventy years old start taking care of yourself when you’re 40 years old.

Q: Why did you first start coming in to see a chiropractor?

A: Well, occasionally I would have lower back pain to the point where I couldn’t stand up and get off the couch so I decided to take a proactive approach and do a weekly tune-up. I haven’t had to go through that since I’ve started to come in here.

Q: How has chiropractic care helped?

A: Flexibility, mobility has improved immensely and everyday pain has been manageable. Now I can move and I can play golf and enjoy life. So that’s that’s the biggest bonus of everything I think.

Q: Excellent. What do you tell your friends?

A: Well, I’ve already recommended him and some of the people come in once a week or once a month. But, you know if you want to be able to move when you’re seventy years old start taking care of yourself when you’re 40 years old. That’s my advice to them.

- Lee

Tut’s Review – Chiropractics helped me a lot!

Q: What kind of pain were you experiencing before you came in?

A: My arm, my shoulder

Q: What kind of pain?

A: Hurt Shoulder

Q: How has chiropractic helped your shoulder?

A: Excellent. Helped me a lot to release my pain and improve. My arm is getting a lot better every day

Q: What would you tell your friends?

A: The same thing, to tell the truth. Chiropractics helped me a lot and get my arm back. It relieves my pain. I can move my arm and little by little getting better every day.

- Tut

Jennifer’s Review –  Come see Dr. Troy!

Q: What kind of pain, what kind of problems were you having before you came in?


A: I had really bad hip pain and neck pain. My hips were really crooked so it was getting to the point where I couldn’t almost walk. It was really bad

Q: And how has chiropractic care helped you?

A: It has alieved my pain. My hip pain has gone down, it’s crazy, so much. I don’t think that I’d be walking, I’d probably in a chair or something if I hadn’t been seeing Dr. Troy. I’ve been here for a few years so he’s helped me a lot.

Q: What would you tell your friend?

A: I tell them to come see Dr. Troy.  Anytime I hear somebody is like, oh my neck my back…I got a good chiropractor mm-hmm

- Jennifer

Jaque’s Review – I would tell just about anybody to go get chiropractic for all kinds of stuff!

Q: What kind of pain were you having when you first started seeing Dr. Troy?

A: Let’s see. Severe pain  in my back, neck and my shoulder

Q: How has chiropractic care helped?

A: It’s helped a lot. It got rid of the headaches that I have from all the pain and I feel like I function better and sleep better.

Q: Awesome. What do you tell  your friends about chiropractic treatment?

A:  Well, I’ve referred several to come see Dr. Troy.  I would tell just about anybody to go get chiropractic for all kinds of stuff

- Jaque

Laramie’s Review – Come see Dr. Troy, definitely!

Q: What kind of pain or symptoms were you experiencing when you first came in.

A: Pretty awful. Rib, neck, back. Pretty awful headaches as well.

Q: What caused that pain?

A: Horribly misaligned back and neck

Q: How has chiropractic care and Dr. Troy helped you?

A: 2-3 weeks in and virtually pain-free. No headaches, no stiffness so, it’s changed everything pretty much

Q: What do you tell your friends now?

A: Come see Dr. Troy, definitely

- Laramie