Armless Wobble Chair Demonstration

wobble chair

Similar to the wobble chair with arms this will help anyone who is suffering from back pain.
Through a series of motion exercises, the wobble chair can help re-establish health to your spinal joints.

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Video transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I want to talk about getting the discs of your spine healthier and one of the tools that we use is this device called the wobble chair.

There are two different types, here one has arms on it and the other one doesn’t. The one with arms is going to be used more for patients who have balance issues and who need to hold on. The freestyle one without the arms these right here are for the elite athletes if you will or elite patients. They both have the same function it’s just one helps to stabilize more if you’ve got some issues there.

I always tell patients to be very careful when you sit on these, they wobble, they can knock you onto the floor. I’ve seen it happen.

What we have patients do is we take them through a series of movements. Now on another video I did we had a portable wobble chair which people can take with them and people can take them with them, we have them in our office. These chairs are a little more expensive, closer to $400-$500, we can get them for you.

We have patients sit on this. This was designed under a motion x-ray to help get the discs moving because the discs don’t have a blood supply. So any nutrients to come in and any waste that comes out it has to do it through motion and movement.

That’s why adjustments are so critical, to restore disc function, spinal joint function and then we correlate that with a wobble chair. We see great results.

The first thing we have patients do is rock front and back. We have them look down like they are in the fetal position and then we have them come back up so that they are sticking their gut out, extending their neck back and then we have them suck their gut in and go all the way down. Breathe out and then we have them breathe in and out. We have them do that 20-50 times in this plane motion.

What we find is people who might be in pain and they might have to shorten the range of motion but the key to any back pain is to re-establish proper function and proper movement. We have to take baby steps.

The next thing we will have a patient do is we will have them go side to side. We will have them drop one hip down, bring the opposite shoulder up, breathe in and out.

So we take them through a series of motion exercises on the wobble chair all designed to re-establish health and nourishment to the spinal joints and the discs which are so highly publicized on surgeries and different things. Many times we can correct these problems through natural manual methods that have been tested over time and time again to work for people.

So we have them go side to side and then the last thing we do is we have them twist side to side. This is a really good exercise for warming up the lumbar, the low back muscles. We get the cerebrospinal fluid moving.

A lot of people sit all day and they get tight and stiff and fibrotic and this just helps warm it up. A lot of patients tell me they feel good, they get a little buzz after they’re done doing the wobble chair.

These are the things that are included in the care in our office. Most patients do this, these are great exercises we have a bunch of different chairs for people to pick from.

If you’re interested in seeing what we can do to get your spine back on track, consultations are always free.

This is Dr. Troy from Zenaptic Chiropractic.