Wobble Chair (With Arms) Demonstration

Wobble Chair Arms

If you have balance issues or if you suffer from a lot of back pain the wobble chair can help. Watch as I demonstrate how to use it.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I’m on a wobble chair again and this is a wobble chair with arms. We use this for patients who have balance issues or there’s a lot of pain.

They can hold on and go real slow through the various range of motions. One of the other things that is really cool about the wobble chair is that it’s got this thing that can elevate. So, depending on where the disc issue is that we need to focus on we can either bring this up, this is going to affect more of the lower spine and when we bring the legs up it’s going to affect ,pre of the upper spine. So depending on where the disc issue or back problem is we can help adjust that through elevation of the chair.

This was all designed under motion x-ray to really target the discs of the spine which are the shock absorbers, this helps puff up the shock absorbers. We encourage people to drink water, about 8 ounces before they do the wobble exercises and 8 ounces after. That way the discs suck up the most amount of water within about 5 minutes of doing the procedure.

We can actually see the sizes increase if you do it properly and you do it frequently and you support it with proper nutrition such as water, minerals, and chlorella is a great opportunity as well to help reduce inflammation.

Those are a couple of things. It can really help maximize the wobble chair here in our office at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

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Patients always ask me if they can purchase a wobble chair just like the one I am sitting on. The answer is absolutely yes, we can get these for you. We have portable ones as well, those are a little less expensive.

This machine right here is an investment. An investment in your spine and spinal health. I have one at home I use it almost everyday before I workout or after I work out just to help maximize spinal function and hygiene.

This is Dr. Troy in Vancouver, Washington