Foot Pain Chiropractic Care

Foot pain can be very disruptive to your everyday activities. Chiropractic may be able to help you.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver chiropractor for your feet.

Everybody asks me, Dr. Troy can you help with foot problems? My friend has a foot problem or an issue. The answer is it’s possible because what we look for is postural distortions.

So, what does that mean? Now if you look at the spine the spine is going to support gravity it’s hooked to the pelvis, the pelvis hooks to the femur the lower leg, and then ultimately the foot is at the bottom of this pelvis.

So if you tip your spine this way or this way the foot, the mechanics of the foot are going to change. If the pelvis rotates in or out the feet are going to rotate up or down. And, if you do repetitive motion on that like walking or running or treadmill work, or anything that causes you to walk more, or you have abnormal posture; you sit on the couch funny, you sit at a desk with your legs crossed in a weird position. These can create partial distortions and create irritation in the joints.

One of the first things we look for is, is the spine functioning and aligned properly because obviously if you have a foot problem and you go and mess around with the foot and it’s coming from the pelvis then you’re not going to correct the foot problem.

I’ve seen so many times people have had surgeries when it’s actually coming from above the foot, above in the kinetic chain of the spine because your spine is what moves your lower extremities.

So if you have a foot problem chiropractic may be able to help you.

I’d be happy to check to see if chiropractic is right for you. The consultations are no charge, call our office at (360) 260-6903.