Inner Ear Infection Chiropractic Care

February 5, 2017

Inner ear infections can be very painful, especially for a child. What people may not know is that chiropractic care can offer a holistic approach to help cure the infection. For a free consultation give us a call (360) 260-6903.             Transcription Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver chiropractor. … Read More

Gassy Baby Chiropractic Care

December 20, 2016

Being a parent of a baby who is suffering from excess gas can be both heartbreaking and exhausting. Take comfort in knowing there is help out there. With a simple, light chiropractic adjustment, your little one will not have to suffer for long. To see if we could help your baby, give us a call (360)260-6903.     … Read More

Golfers Elbow Chiropractic Care

December 20, 2016

If your neck shifts forward that’s going to put pressure and stress on the nerves that control the arm. That can affect the mechanics in your shoulder, your elbow and in your wrist. All of this can be corrected with simple chiropractic adjustments. To set up a free consultation with us call (360) 260-6903.   … Read More

Gallbladder Chiropractic Care

December 20, 2016

The gallbladder creates bile which helps break down fats in your body. If you’ve had your gallbladder out a lot of times you’ll have trouble digesting fat. Before turning to surgery see if chiropractic can help. Contact us at Zenaptic Chiropractic (360) 260-6903 to see if we can help you avoid surgery.       … Read More

GI Issues Chiropractic Care

December 20, 2016

GI issues usually cause pain in your stomach and can make simple tasks like eating food not enjoyable. Thankfully, many GI issues can be improved through the use of chiropractic care. To see if we can help call (360) 260-6903 to set up a free consultation.             Transcription Hey, Dr. … Read More