Chiropractor For Ruptured Disc

A ruptured disc is usually caused by some kind of trauma or lifting. Not only is it painful but if not taken care of it can lead to other problems.

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Dr. Troy here,  Vancouver Washington chiropractor.

I want to talk about ruptured discs today.

A lot of people have had ruptured discs or they’ve been diagnosed or they know someone.

What Is A Ruptured Disc?

Inside the disc, this is the annular fiber, inside there is a nucleus. like a jelly-filled donut so raspberry filling inside there being held by the doughnut here.

Trauma, degeneration, usually it’s trauma and lifting. You know if you lift and twist you’ll put about eight hundred millimeters of mercury pressure inside that disc. Just standing there you’re putting 90 pounds on there, if you get adjusted it’s 40 pounds.

Now, if that material gets ruptured out sometimes you can get fragments in the canal which can cause problems. Sometimes it has to be defragmented but I’ve seen many times over the years that patients with ruptured discs can actually improve with spinal disc decompression therapy, with rehab.

It’s a slow process it takes time but a lot of people today are very anxious to have any types of surgery or shots and that’s okay I understand. There may be an alternative natural method to helping relieve the pain of ruptured discs.

One of my good friends was windsurfing he hit his neck rupture the disc in his neck and lost ninety percent, ninety-five percent of the posterior muscles. It looked like nothing was there. He’s like, “ I’m not doing surgery, I’m not doing surgery.”  Took him about six to nine months of rehab, getting adjusted and doing a bunch of stuff. He got full use of it back without having surgery.

So, many people wouldn’t have gone through that painstaking effort but he wanted to do it naturally and he did and he’s a chiropractor and thank God for that.


Spinal decompression might be right if you do have that issue and the only way to know is it schedule a consultation with us. (360) 260-6903 to see if you qualify for a spinal decompression if you’ve got some disc issues that need to be addressed.

This is Dr. Troy in Vancouver,  Washington

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