Annular Tear Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression therapy can help with your annular tear. This is a non-surgical treatment which can help care for your condition naturally.

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Hello, Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk today about Annular Tears in spinal discs and how to get relief from that through decompression, through traction of the spinal disc.

What Is An Annular Tear?

If you look in between the vertebrae, there are discs, and you’ve got 23 different discs in the spine, in the neck, mid back, low back.  Most commonly injured area of discs or annular tears is going to be the low back.  It’s about 20% in the neck and about 80% in the low back, depending on who you look at.  But the annular fibers is what hold in the jelly, like a jelly donut, if you got cream filled jelly donut.  The annular fibers are like the donut and the jelly is the annular that sits inside.

So, what an annular tear is is where you tear the outside fibers of the disc and now the jelly actually starts to extrude out through that annular tear. That can put pressure on nerve roots, can put pressure on the spinal cord, can cause a lot of havoc, can cause sciatica, chronic back pain. The biggest thing with this is that people lose function, they lose their ability to sleep, they lose their ability to work, they lose their quality of life.

How To Correct An Annular Tear

Some people have faced surgery or cortisone shots or different other types of analgesic type shots.  Or they’ve tried acupuncture, they’ve tried physical therapy or even traditional chiropractic adjustments.

We just want to help see if we can help people who have annular tears get back on track. One of the best ways to tell and to see if you have that is to do an MRI. We always encourage patients who have one of those to bring it to us so we can go over it together and educate you.

We’ve found over the years that many doctors don’t take the time to show them their issues on their MRI.  And the other thing that we’ve found is usually we’re going to see the posterior muscles of the spine, the back muscles are going to be shot.  They are going to be infiltrated with fat, just like if you went to a BBQ, you have the best-looking ribeye marbled with fat.  That’s not what we want to see on your MRI.  And a lot of times Doctors miss that.  They are not looking for that, they are just looking at the disc.  If you don’t correct that in addition to decompressing the disc so that you get the fibers to heal, pull them apart and you are actually kind of missing the boat and the problem is going to come back.

What we found is when we do decompression with a rehab protocol we get amazing results.  We just had a guy recently, he was taking eight Vicodin a day, a pain level of an eight.  He is now down to a pain level of two just after two weeks of spinal decompression.  He gave me a big hug, he said, “Hey, I am walking better, I am taking less medication, I am working better, people noticed the difference in my energy.”  His attitude’s better, and that’s really what it’s all about, even if you try other therapies that haven’t worked.


You know, that’s why we get on the radio, we get on YouTube and we say “Come get checked, see if we can help you.”  Consultation, no charge.  We always encourage you to bring your images with you so we can discuss them.

The phone number to call if you are interested in getting checked to see if decompression is right for you is (360) 260-6903.  Any of our doctors in our office can help you get back on track if you are suffering from an annular tear in the discs of your spine.  But you won’t know until you come in and get checked.  So, again (360) 260-6903.