Chiropractor For Rhomboid Pain

Rhomboid pain is pain in your shoulder blades. Here at Zenaptic Chiropractic, we can help relieve that pain for you.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here in Vancouver Washington.

Rhomboid pain chiropractor today.

What Are Rhomboids?

Well, they’re muscles in between the shoulder blades that actually allow you to bring your shoulder blades and squeeze them together.

A lot of times people are googling and they type in shoulder pain and they’ll give them a differential diagnosis of maybe it’s rhomboid pain.

How To Treat Rhomboid Pain

The first thing we look at, is the spine functioning and aligned properly? The lower neck. Nowadays with people’s postures, their heads are shifted forward the rhomboid’s the posterior muscles are going to be pulled apart. They’re going to be tired and fatigued and they’re going to start barking, they are going to say ouch something’s not right, I hurt.

So, that’s the first thing we look for there. There could be tightness in the muscles, we look to see if there’s been an old injury so we take a history and we do an evaluation to determine is it rhomboid pain. Could it be coming from something else like the lower neck, upper back, maybe a shoulder joint, even the upper neck can potentially produce inner rhomboid pain, pain in between the shoulders.

A lot of people, I can’t tell you they’ll say I have shoulder pain but it’s actually a rhomboid pain in between their shoulder.


So if you’re suffering you’re interested in an evaluation to determine what’s causing your issues we’d be happy to help you. (360) 260-6903 this is Dr. Troy at Zenaptic Chiropractic. If you have any rhomboid pain issues you want to get checked come see us.

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