What Causes Back Pain?

Back Pain

Most people have had to deal with back pain at least once in their life.

If you’re wondering What causes back pain?Vancouver, Washington back pain chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling explains in the video below.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor.

A lot of people ask me “ what causes back pain?”

In the AMA trial versus the chiropractic profession where the chiropractors won an antitrust lawsuit, the AMA was trying to shut down the chiropractic profession. I was reading some of the transcripts.

In 1941, there were two medical doctors that said, “anybody who has back pain or neurological issues should do conservative chiropractic care first”. That was over 70 years ago. In 1991, they disproved the disc theory. In 1991, a medical doctor testified in the AMA chiropractic trial and he said, 100%, not 90 or 80, 100% of back pain patients have spinal joint dysfunction.

So if we look at the vertebra of the spine, here is the disc, if the spinal joints get out of alignment which way is the disc going to go? Is the disc bulge a result of the misalignment or did it cause the misalignment?

They did over 300 MRIs and found that over 60% of non-symptomatic patients, meaning these patients were 65 or older with no back pain, no history of sciatica or neurological issues, 60% of them had disc issues. So in 1991, they disproved the theory that discs cause back pain.

It’s the joints in between the vertebra where the joint capsule and tissue is the most sensitive, most richly innervated with nerve fibers.

So, when we look at that doctor who said 100% of back pain is caused by spinal joint dysfunction, that means chiropractic can help spinal joint dysfunction. There is no drug, no surgery. If the joint is malfunctioning and not moving properly, it’s going to correct it.

Chiropractic care can help with that, that’s what we do in our office. We do an exam, x-rays, consultation and take a history to determine, is chiropractic right for you?

I have got to tell you, over 95% of people come in with back pain and they are getting relief very quickly. It could be a couple of weeks, it could take them a few months depending on how chronic it is or if it is degeneration.

If you’re suffering come see us, I’m happy to take a look. It’s a free consultation.

This is Dr. Troy, Zenaptic Chiropractic.