Kaiser Permanente Chiropractor Vancouver Wa

March 14, 2017

If you are covered by the Kaiser Permanente Group our team is here to help. For a free consultation give us a call (360) 260-6903.             Transcription Hey, it’ Dr. Troy here.  Vancouver, Washington.  Home of Zenaptic Chiropractic Healthcare Center. Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists are here to … Read More

Medicaid Chiropractic Care – Vancouver Wa

March 14, 2017

If you have Medicaid, there may be a chiropractic benefit for you. To get a free consultation and see if you qualify give us a call (360) 260-6903. Medicaid Chiropractor Introduction [Video] Transcription Hey, it’ Dr. Troy here. Vancouver, Washington. Home of Zenaptic Chiropractic! We have amazing doctors in our clinic.  A lot of people … Read More

Spinal Decompression Treatment – Post Treatment Interview With Patient

February 27, 2017

Take a look at the video below to see a post-treatment interview with a patient that just did her first spinal decompression treatment. If you’re interested call Zenaptic Chiropractic to set up a free consultation (360) 260-6903.         Transcription Dr. Troy here. We are going to take Lisa off the decompression machine. … Read More

Joint Pain Chiropractic Care

February 26, 2017

There are so many places on your body where joint pain takes place. Whether it is your shoulder, elbow, knees or hips chiropractic care can help. If you or someone you love suffer from joint pain give us a call (360) 260-6903.         Transcription Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver Chiropractor. … Read More

Disc Decompression Research

February 26, 2017

Spinal decompression is something everyone should look into before getting back surgery. Research shows that within less than two months most people are back to their normal activities. If you would like to learn more, give us a call and set up a free consultation.       Transcription Dr. Troy here, Zenaptic Chiropractic. I … Read More