Chiropractor For Osteitis Pubis

If you have had some sort of trauma your spine can be out of alignment putting pressure and stress on the soft tissues of your pubic bone. This can cause inflammation and pain.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here.  Vancouver, Washington.  Zenaptic Healthcare Center. Home of the best, amazing chiropractors on the planet!

I want to talk today about Osteitis Pubis.

What Is It?

You’re like “What is Osteitis Pubis?  Never heard of it.”  You probably heard of pubis, maybe, but osteitis means bone inflammation, and pubis means the pubic bone.

So, if we take my handy, dandy spine model, we have the spine, we have the hips here, and then right in front we have the pubis bone, and there is cartilage right here that puts these two joints together.  So, one thing that can happen, especially if someone has had a trauma or a fall, they play sports, they run, they’ve had a baby, the spine can shift out of alignment.  It can put pressure and stress on the soft tissues here and create inflammation.

Osteitis Pubis. That basically means they have pubis pain that could be coming from spinal misalignment.

How Do We Check?

So how do we check for that?  Well, one is we do an exam.  The other is we X-ray to see if there is a structural misalignment that is putting abnormal tension, the concussion of forces on the pubic bone which could be causing inflammation and pain.

How To Correct It

There’s a series of adjustments you can do to help adjust the spine, get the pelvis back in alignment and there’s also a pubic adjustment that you can do.  There’s a very gentle, it feels kind of weird, you’re like “Whoa, I’ve never had that.”  But it works in patients with Osteitis Pubis.


So, if you are experiencing that, you’ve been diagnosed with that, you’re Googling it and you go “I think that’s what I have”, come in, let’s take a look and see if you’ve got that condition that chiropractic will respond with.

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This is Dr. Troy in beautiful Vancouver, Washington.  On the corner of 4th Plain and Andresen.