What Digital X-Rays Look Like

Neck x-ray

Digital X-Rays are demonstrated by Vancouver, Washington chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling.

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Video Transcription

Hey, Dr. Troy here.

I just showed you how our digital x-ray machine works, now I want to show you the result of one of the films that we’ve taken.

This is a patient who is suffering from neck pains and who has arm pain. One thing I want to highlight here is he’s got a forward head shift of almost two inches. So for every inch, your head moves forward you’re going to put about 20 pounds of pressure per inch.

With him, the bones of the spine are putting about 40 pounds of pressure on his brain stem which is going to slow down the flow of nerve through his body. The curve is supposed to have a nice 45-degree curve in the neck; he is at 16 so he’s lost about 65% of the curve.

The other thing to note here is this, this has probably been here a good 2 decades because of the decay. If you notice here, these bones are real square and if you notice here, that’s actually the disc space degenerating, the bone is building more bone here, You see a widening compared to the one above.

So the misalignment of the neck is putting excessive motion, wear, and tear here. This is called spinal joint degeneration. Some doctors call it spinal arthritis, I don’t prefer that term. I say this is building calcium salts, you’re supporting your spine by building more bone, it’s degenerative. And it may or not be painful. We know the spine is breaking down.

The other thing, neurologically. We look at the Atlas which is this line here, that’s the first bone in the neck that should be at degrees. This patient is at 10 so that bone should be up another 22 degrees. Again, putting more pressure on the brain stem, not allowing the brain messages to flow properly through to get out to the body so the body works and functions properly.

There are a lot of ways that we can help this patient. We can adjust him, put him on traction; he does traction in the office. We can also do wedging, we put a wedge here as I’ve demonstrated many times in different videos but we put a wedge here to help open up the curve. It helps get the nerve flowing, blood flowing, the cerebrospinal fluid flowing and just helps people feel better.

That’s really the goal of our office is to get them feeling better but we like to take a look on the inside.

So if you’re interested in taking a look, call our office consultations are always free.

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