Digital X-Ray Demonstration

x-ray room

In the video below, Dr. Troy shows us how digital x-rays are taken. 

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I’m in the x-ray or as we call it the spinography room. This is where we like to make films of spines and bones to see where there’s misalignment.

In the major premise of chiropractic, it says that there is a universal intelligence in all matter which gives to it all of its properties in action thus making it an existence. So, therefore, we want to look to see where the bones in the spine are out of alignment affecting the power that maintains you in existence.

There are a lot of chiropractors who do not x-ray but I like to take a look under the hood, especially in people who have had surgeries, trauma, there’s degeneration or neurological issues, or if they have had a family history of issues. I like to see what are we doing inside here.

So, this is our digital x-ray system. We shoot about 80% less radiation than traditional systems according to the state. We just had ours calibrated and our dosage is extremely low which we are super happy about that. We are one of the first chiropractic offices in the state to have digital x-rays. We just installed new software that actually exposes the patient to less radiation. We would never want to expose anybody because of safety issues so this is amazing technology, we get better x-rays now than I have ever seen in my 20 years.

This is Lisa, we are just collimating, just taking a picture of the neck. That is one of the ways you reduce your exposure is you collimate; we take a picture of the neck, we want to see the cervical curve. There are various, different x-rays that we take.

I just wanted to expose you to our x-ray facility and show you what we can do, spine, extremities, full service.

This is Dr. Troy if you an x-ray need I would be happy to take a look at you. Call our office (360) 260-6903