Emergency Chiropractic Care Vancouver, WA

If you have an emergency but don’t know if it calls for a trip to the hospital we may be able to help. We might be able to provide chiropractic urgent care for your back, neck or other pain today.

Don’t wait, give us a call we are always available to help!







Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here! The Vancouver chiropractor!

I want to talk about emergencies.

You know a lot of people have emergencies. They’ll call multiple doctors, multiple chiropractors trying to figure out “Hey, what’s the best course of action?”  Maybe you hurt your neck, you can’t move.  You hurt your shoulder, you’re in extreme pain, you don’t know if you want to go to the hospital.  You don’t think it’s a hospital-related thing and you want to be seen ASAP.

Call our office (360) 260-6903.  It always forwards to our cell phone or our email, so we are always available.  We’ll call you back right away, sometimes if it is late at night sometimes we don’t get to you right away but we’re here.  The majority of the time we’re here to serve people who have been injured.  I always tell people if you’ve been injured, you’re hurting, your neck, your back, get in right away.

I can’t tell you how many times people I see who get in car accidents and they’ll wait two, three, four weeks.  Those are the ones that always respond the slowest because the injury starts healing incorrectly.  The best thing to do when you have an emergency or a trauma is to get to the chiropractor right away.

A recent case where the patient came in within six hours after their accident, I adjusted them, checked on them later that day and they said they were doing much better.  I recently had one, they waited three weeks.  They actually came to see us right after the accident, but they were like “Oh, we’ll just wait and see.”  And I got to tell you, those two cases that waited and saw how long or what happened, those are the hardest ones to get back on track.  The ones that come in right away, they respond a lot faster.

So, if you are experiencing a chiropractic emergency, call our office (360) 260-6903.  I tell my staff that if somebody calls and they are hurting, when do we want to get you in?  We want to get you in right now!  How soon can you be here?

So, call the office, we’ll be happy to take a look at you and see if chiropractic is right for you to get your emergency cleared out.

This is Dr. Troy at Zenaptic Health Care Center.)