Pregnancy Chiropractor

If you or someone you love is pregnant, chiropractic care can not only help with lower back pain but it is also a way to naturally release hormones that aid in relaxing your ligaments.

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Hello, this is Dr. Troy, the pregnancy chiropractor in Vancouver, Washington.

If you’re pregnant, you know somebody who’s pregnant or you’re thinking about getting pregnant, chiropractic might be right for you.

So we find that a lot of women, especially in their second and third trimesters tend to develop low back pain. Especially the third trimester, they’ll get chronic low back pain. The baby’s growing its getting bigger and it tends to put more stress and tension on the joints of your spine which is why you get chronic low back pain.

Then also you have your hormones, prolactin, that’s going to help release the hormones into the ligaments which actually helps the ligaments relax more. So when you give birth the ligament stretch and you’re able to deliver the baby.

So, a lot of women will experience back pain and it can be debilitating. A lot of patients think is it safe for me, is it safe for the baby? It’s very safe it’s very gentle.

One of the things we use and the women love this, is we have a pregnancy pillow. We put this on the table and it’s got areas that are cut out for areas that grow when you’re pregnant in the front. It is very comfortable. A lot of our third-trimester patients want to lay on this for a long time so I put them on it and they’re like, that feels so good.

Adjustments feel really good. Sometimes will use an activator, we will use an instrument.

Patients always ask if they have to have x-rays. You know I like to take x-rays but typically when you’re pregnant, unless there’s been some sort of severe trauma we usually don’t do those. We will use a posture analysis tool that we can actually measure your posture, your shoulder height, hip-height, forward head posture. We can see where your spine out of alignment.

Another thing that women always ask is, “what if I’m breach? Can I get adjusted if the baby’s breech?” There are certain techniques called the Webster Technique that can actually help flip that baby through spinal adjusting and some other maneuvers that we do to help your body kind of relax and the baby actually naturally flips by itself.

One of the key factors is that you got to get in here early, you know if you’re doing a day or two that makes it harder. So if you’re two weeks out, three weeks out, four weeks out, six weeks out, we got more time to get things done. If you’re within a week of the baby being born it might be a little challenging but it’s worth a try, you know, versus having a c-section or something like that if we can avoid it.

All about it. So if you’re interested in coming in to get checked to see if we can help you with your back pain, I’ve adjusted my wife through all three of our pregnancies and she did really well. The women we found in our office that get adjusted they tend to have less labor pains and have less labor time.

We just found that it goes better, things are functioning properly. Spinally, neurologically, muscular wise, your delivery process is going to go easier, smoother and be more enjoyable for you your family and baby.

So that’s what we’re after. Creating healthy mom’s, healthy babies.

This is Dr. Troy the Vancouver Washington pregnancy chiropractor.

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