Chiropractor For Posture

Bad posture can cause pain in numerous parts of your body. A leading cause of bad posture today is due to technology.

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Hey, this is Dr. Troy in Vancouver, Washington. The chiropractor for posture.

A lot of patients go oh my postures bad or my mom said I need to sit up straight.

So what we see now today is that is in fact 100 percent true, a lot of people have bad posture.

Especially now with the iPhone, the iPad, texting, there’s a condition known as texting neck.

That’s where we’re always looking down like this.

Now remember when you do that you have pressure on the discs that’s going to elongate the muscles back here. So, now you’re setting yourself up for a  lot of tension. Headaches are related to tension

We see that the heads forward and that’s going to put pressure on the nerves that are going to the arm and shoulder.

Now we see shoulder issues, can see upper back numbness and tightness, you can see numbness and tingling moving into the hand also known as carpal tunnel in some cases.

So what do we do? What do we look for?

We do a posture analysis to see, is the head forward. We take an x-ray as well to see and measure how far the head.

I had a guy the other day, he had a hundred and twenty millimeters of forward head posture. That’s about five inches. We took this post x-ray and it went down to about 40, so he had a sixty-five percent reduction in the forward head posture.

So when your head goes forward you’re going to compensate. You’re usually going to see one of the shoulders rotate forward and the other one’s going to come up and the opposite sides going to go down. So when you walk forward your shoulder goes forward on the front and your hip is going to go back on the opposite side.

So now if we get posture issue, you will see shoulder comes up you’re going to see that opposite hip compensate. And if there’s rotation now you can see rotation in the hip socket the knee, the foot and ankle.

So a lot of people come in and they’re like “man I had knee pain Dr. Troy,  you adjusted me working on getting my body back in alignment and my posture better and my knee pain went away, you never even touched my knee.” That’s because that wasn’t the cause of the problem.

The cause was that the posture was distorted affecting nerve function, organ function, blood vessel flow and so, you gotta get checked to know if your nervous system, organs, and all that stuff function properly.

So how do we do that we do that? We do a physical exam,  we do a visual exam and in many cases, we’ll take x-rays to see what’s going on with the posture. Is it degenerating in your spine, is it creating arthritic conditions?

That chiropractic can help with and we have procedures and techniques that help restore curve, restore posture, restore muscle strength and nerve function.

So if you’re suffering you’ve got some posture issues want to get checked like scoliosis, these are all things that chiropractic can help with. And guess what they are natural and that’s the really cool thing about chiropractic, it is hundred percent natural. We’re just using your god-given natural ability to heal.

So if you’re interested, free consultation for anybody watching (360) 260-6903 this is Dr. Troy