Lordosis is another way to say a curve in your spine. It is very important to take the necessary steps to correct this in order to avoid further complications.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver Chiropractor.

Today we’re talking about Lordosis.

What is it? People say “Oh, I have scoliosis” and I go “Well, what does that even mean? Have you ever heard of Lordosis? Have you ever heard of Kyphosis?” They’re like ‘No”. I say “Well, it’s just a way to describe a curve in the spine.”

So if we look at the side view of the neck here for example, and you have this curve. Ideally, we say this curve should be 45-degrees. This is called the Lordotic curve, if it goes the opposite direction then it becomes a kyphotic curve.

If we lose this curve, this is called loss of Lordosis. What can happen is it can create tension on the spinal cord and the nerve roots coming off. What causes this? Trauma. Everybody says “what causes it to do that?” And I say “Stressors in your life and trauma”

Big traumas, little traumas it’s still the same effect. One happens quick one happens slowly over time. So with little traumas, now we lost this curve it’s not corrected. Through chiropractic care, some rehab, some things you do at home, molding.  Then now we see, we start getting into degeneration, starts to become evident.

So we start building in calcium deposits in the joints so that the bones are actually building strength to support the loss of the structure. And then eventually over time, we can actually see it even more.  This is probably more of a decade, so now we have more calcium salts being built, we have spinal disc degeneration. I am sure in this case we are going to get some compromised disc material whether it’s an annular tear, bulging in the disc. So, this gives predisposed people a lot of problems.

And this one is pretty much just wanting to fuse. You can see very minimal disc height, there’s a lot of calcium buildup here. Calcium is attracted to a bone when it is under stress and under pressure. Just like when you lift weights, you build a callous you’re building more cells.

So the osteoclast when you put pressure on them it attracts calcium and where does that come from? It comes from your blood.  So now you start to leach calcium out of your blood and it builds more bone to make a stronger structure. So thank God for that, but the problem is that this can cause chronic pain, it can cause disability issues. It can cause people to lose quality of life.

So, chiropractic care can help in many cases restore function, cervical curve, lumbar curve or lumbar lordosis. If you’re interested in getting checked out I’m Dr. Troy. You can check out one of the doctors at Zenaptic Chiropractic (360) 260-6903 is the number!