Joint Pain Chiropractic Care

There are so many places on your body where joint pain takes place. Whether it is your shoulder, elbow, knees or hips chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver Chiropractor.

I want to talk about joint pain.

So, people always ask “Hey! Can you help? I have got this joint pain.”

It could be shoulder, it could be elbow, wrist, neck joints, low back joints, knee joint, your hip joint, even joints in the ankle. A joint is where two bones come together.

What causes joint pain?  Well, I always say pain, pain, pain, is caused by an inflammatory response.

So what could cause you to get inflamed? Well, obviously an acute trauma; a slip, a fall. We recently had an ice storm and I had multiple patients who slipped and fell and they now have joint pain. They put more force into a joint than it could handle, disturbed the soft tissue, damaged the soft tissue and now we have got inflammation.

There is one of the many causes of joint pain, inflammation. Also, degeneration can cause joints to be painful. So you have got trauma that can cause it, like acute trauma. You have also got this repetitive stuff. So if you’re a pitcher and you’re throwing the ball all the time you could have a repetitive joint strain which creates chronic inflammation, so now you have got joint pain.

With a lot of athletes, they will just take cortisone shots and different things, versus getting the mechanics of the joint working better. That’s really where chiropractic shines. Helping determine is the joint dysfunctional and then doing a series of treatments or methodologies that help the joint improve range of motion, reduce swelling. Whether it’s through nutrition, ice, mobilization, even massage. These are all things that can help improve joint pain.

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