Chiropractic Care For Ankle & Knee Pain

Vancouver chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling explains how ankle and knee pain can be cared for using chiropractic adjustments. For a free consultation, simply call our clinic. We accept most insurances.


Video Transcription

Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver chiropractor.

Ankle and knee pain are very common in our society. There are over a million knee replacements done a year, over two million hip replacements done a year. We know that if your knee is hurting you or your ankle is hurting you something is causing it.

It is very common to see inflammation in the joints which triggers pain, and if you don’t address the cause of it sooner than later it can actually turn into a big mess.  We know if the pelvis or the spine get out of alignment, your pelvis rotates it will twerk your knee and it’s going to go all the way down to the ankle.

I have had so many patients come in with knee problems, we never touch their knees, we readjust the spine. It takes the torque and the tension out of the lower extremity joints and they feel and function better.

There could be some degeneration in there. I have met patients who have bone on bone knee issues but they have no knee pain. They did when they started because of the misalignment, extra inflammation and pressure that is being put on the joint.

We could get joints moving again through the adjustment process and through some of the techniques that we use in the office. Some techniques include the wobble chair, spinal molding blocks to help bring about stability. We put the spiine over the blocks to help open up the nerve roots which improves communication and adaptability of your body.

Come in, get checked and see if your hip, knee, ankle pain could be related to a joint misalignment.  We’ve also found that quads could be tight, the hamstrings or calves. A lot of time we recommend foam rolling for people.  Even adrenal fatigue can cause knee pain.

There are a lot of different causes and we want to figure out what causing your knee pain. So come in to get a consultation with us to determine if chiropractic can help you.

This is Dr. Troy on the corner of Andresen and Fourth Plain in Vancouver, WA.

More Information on Ankle and Knee Chiropractor

Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractors can help them with their ankle and knee injuries. But despite so many Americans suffering from pain in their knees and ankles, too many people choose to turn to invasive surgeries, strong medications, or other remedies that are expensive and sometimes dangerous before they try more holistic and natural remedies that focus on a patient’s overall health and fitness.

According to the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, of the 117 million emergency room visits in 2007, 14.6 percent 14.6% were for lower extremity injuries. Breaking it down further, there are about 2 million acute ankle sprains a year, while there are 700,000 knee replacement surgeries annually. That’s a lot of people who could benefit from chiropractic care. (

The Relationship Between the Back and Lower Extremities

While in some cases, ankle and knee injuries can be isolated events, such as with regards to sports collisions or automobile accidents, in many instances, these injuries can happen without any form of contact. We’ve seen patients who have torn MRIs simply in the course of running or changing direction when there was no immediate cause to obviously blame. This indicates that there was an underlying structural problem that contributed to the injury.

Ankle and knee pain can be the result of a number of causes, many of which result from bad posture or a misaligned spine. Walking and running puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our leg joints. Any imbalance or misalignment, even a slight one, can add to the daily wear and tear that our bodies go through. Over time, these problems can lead to structural and nerve issues that lead to chronic pain and an increased chance of injury.

Ankle and Knee Analysis and Treatment

A chiropractic exam will look beyond the symptoms you are suffering and attempt to identify the underlying cause of your pain. The intricacies of the musculoskeletal system can be quite difficult to understand, but through a variety of methods it is possible to determine if some misalignment of the spine is contributing to your condition. We will then work with you to devise a treatment plan that will likely include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, stretching exercises, massage, dietary recommendations and more in order to increase your range of motion and relieve pain.

Ankle and Knee Injuries and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has the ability to restore alignment to displaced structures that are linked to the spine, including the ankle and the knee. It often happens as well that patients suffering lower back pain seek to compensate, which leads to bad posture and poor walking and running motion, all of which can contribute to problems in your lower extremities. No matter what the issue may be, it’s always advisable to seek out therapeutic treatments before resorting to surgery.


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