Why Take Wuji Chlorella After A Massage

April 13, 2016

Chlorella provides the body with nearly all its nutritional needs, is a powerful Immune System Builder, daily detoxifier and is excellent for digestion! Chlorella helps your cells detox so you can rejuvenate from the inside out!  Dr. Troy explains how Wuji Chlorella can help with your body’s natural healing process after you get a massage. … Read More

Why Ice After A Massage

April 11, 2016

Dr. Troy Dreiling explains why you need to ice after getting a massage. To try and avoid soreness after a massage, try using an ice pack to help reduce any swelling. Set up your free consultation by calling Zenaptic Chiropractic at 360-260-6903.   Video Transcription Hey, it’s Dr. Troy. I want to talk about icing … Read More

Chiropractic Neck Adjustment Demonstration

March 9, 2016

Dr. Troy demonstrates a chiropractic neck adjustment after performing a routine range of motion check. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or a number of other health conditions, chiropractic care may help end your suffering. Call Dr. Troy’s office at Zenaptic Chiropractic on 360-260-6903 to schedule your free consultation.   Video Transcription … Read More

Atlas Orthogonal Check

March 9, 2016

The atlas orthogonal check does not involve cracking or popping like traditional chiropractic care. The atlas adjustment is a light adjustment that helps with alignment. If you’re scared of chiropractic, this is a nice alternative. Check out the video below for Dr. Troy’s demonstration. You can set up a free consult with Dr. Troy by … Read More

Activator Adjustment Demonstration

March 9, 2016

Dr. Troy Dreiling of Zenaptic Chiropractic demonstrates how he performs an activator adjustment on a patient. Call our office to set up your free consultation.     Video Transcription I want to show you how to do an activator adjustment on a patient. One of the things we’re going to start with is a functional … Read More