What Causes Hypo-Mobility?


Vancouver, Washington chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling explains why this is the “hypo-mobile” generation and what causes it.

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Video Transcription

Hello everybody,  Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver chiropractor.

I recently discovered that this generation is hypo-mobile, which means they are not moving enough. What causes hypo-mobility?

As a chiropractor, if we look at the 313 spinal joints, if they become hypo-mobile it’s going to cause some problems. People ask, how do I become hypo-mobile?

Well, there are either macro traumas, which are big like car accidents, slip and fall, something lands on your head and knocks you in the skull. Then there are micro traumas like lifting, vacuuming, getting in and out of your car, sitting, those are all micro repetitive traumas.

What happens is when that occurs it causes inflammation. You get the inflammatory response and what happens there is the tissue become damaged. When the tissue becomes damaged we then see this thing called the pain response. If that persists that is going to lead to spinal degeneration and nerve system deafferentation.

What does that mean? Basically, the nerve system starts to degenerate. So the brain cell to the tissue cell communication starts to weaken. That life that comes out of your brain and runs the tissue now becomes 90% effective or 80 or 70% effective. That’s what we call a state of dis ease or dysfunction.

Recently I was reading this thing where a doctor said that 100% of spinal pain is due to hypo-mobile joints in your spine. That is joints that are not moving properly.

Therefore, if you have spinal pain, chiropractic is for you. Even if you have neurological issues, they say that it’s all coming from these hypo-mobile joints. If you don’t take care of it over time the spine degenerates.

So what if you have degeneration or degenerative arthritis in your spine? That’s okay, we get the joint moving, if we get the joints moving and get the inflammation down, we reverse that process so you get your spine and nerve system working again.

This is what I call the hypo-mobile generation, it’s people who aren’t functioning properly, they hurt, their body is degenerating, they are tired or sick. If you are like that or you know somebody who is suffering from something like that Dr. Troy is here to help!

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