Vitamin D Review

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has many benefits. Some of which include the regulation of blood pressure, the reduction of stress and tension, helps to fight depression and more.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver Chiropractor.

I want to talk about Vitamin D.

As winter comes along and we lose sunlight vitamin D is critical. It’s naturally made in your skin or you can supplement it. So, if you’re not getting enough sunlight; more and more Americans are covering up their skin, putting on sunblock, staying out of the sun, their vitamin D level dips.

Vitamin D is a huge, huge powerful hormone in your body. It’s actually not a vitamin, it’s a hormone because it is made in your skin and it’s made in the glands.

There are over 200 chemical reactions that vitamin D is responsible for. Things like thyroid, energy, sleep, your metabolism, all regulated through vitamin D levels in your body. Bone health, digestion, it’s all controlled, your immune system, it’s all controlled and regulated through processed that use vitamin D.

So it’s very critical. People always tell me, well my doctor put me on 2,000 IU’s. IU’s stands for international units. Inside here there are 120 capsules, each capsule is 5,000 IU’s. Now a maintenance dose is 10,000 IU’s, so two capsules a day for an adult, one capsule or 5,000 IU’s for kids.

A lot of people think, wow, that is a lot. Most doctors aren’t trained in nutrition, they don’t teach nutrition in medical schools and so they are not fully aware of the health benefits of having a higher dose.

When you do the blood test it should say you’re at 50,000 IU. So if somebody’s low, they have had a blood test, you are going to want to bump up your dosage for about a week with 50,000 IU’s.

The other thing too, at the first sign of a cold, when cold and flu season comes; you know it’s always when the sun goes behind the clouds and guess what? Associated with vitamin D, there’s a lot of information out there that says the cold and flu is a vitamin D deficiency.

So, if you’re feeling blue, you’ve got to stick the vitamin D inside you. That’s what I always say. So that being said, if you are a 100-pound person you would take 100 IU’s for 7 days after the first sign of a cold or flu. If you’re 200 pounds you are going to take 200 IU’s which is like 40 of these capsules. That is how you knock it out, you mega dose your system with vitamin D.

The maintenance dose, this will last you 2-3 months if you’re taking two capsules a day and they are relatively inexpensive, less than $30 and you can have a 3 month supply. So that cost you less than $10 a month to have a preventative dose of vitamin D3.

It is also mixed with probiotics so you’ll absorb it better and it’s a great combination.

If you’re interested we sell it in our office, will ship it to you or to your friends.

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