Spinal Decompression Treatment – Post Treatment Interview With Patient

Take a look at the video below to see a post-treatment interview with a patient that just did her first spinal decompression treatment.

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Dr. Troy here.

We are going to take Lisa off the decompression machine. We have an emergency shut off switch, just in case somebody gets a little nervous and they want to turn the switch off. So I am just going to unclip you here.

Videographer: She was on it for how long?

Dr. Troy: She was on it for 28 minutes, baking in the oven as we say.

I am just going to undo this. Is that okay? Let’s just put that right there and we are going to unclip you right there ok?

Lisa: Okay

Dr. Troy: And just going to lift your legs so I can take this bolster up. How are you doing, you doing okay?

Lisa: Yep

Dr. Troy: Okay, we are just going to come down real slow. Just put your feet out there. Now we are just going to put them down really slow (your legs). Just put your feet out there, are you feeling a little sore?

Lisa: No.

Dr. Troy: You feeling like things got woke up a little?

Lisa: (smiling) Yes

Dr. Troy: Yep, I am just going to bring that up (left leg) and stretch that out a little bit. Do you feel that?

Patient: Umm…yeah!

Dr. Troy: Yeah little stretch. Let’s bring up this other leg, how’s that?

Lisa: Good.

Dr. Troy: Okay now I am going to raise you up.

Lisa: Okay

Dr. Troy: You doing okay? Before we do that I am just going to loosen up your belt. Did that take some pressure off?

Lisa: Yep!

Dr. Troy: So she is going on a nice chiropractic roller coaster ride. You doing okay?

Lisa: Yeah!

Dr. Troy: So there are these handlebars, you just kind of step forward. Just go slow.

Lisa: Step off?

Dr. Troy: Yeah, feel funky at all?

Lisa: Well, not in a bad way, it feels very light.

Dr. Troy: Okay good, because that’s your first time, so it did not bring any spasming or pain?

Lisa: No.

Dr. Troy: Excellent, I will take that from you. Go ahead and step out. Wahh-lahh!

Lisa: Want me to wobble?

Dr. Troy: Sure, yeah why don’t you go ahead and wobble for a few moments? And there we have it.

Videographer: So what is the purpose of the wobble?

Dr. Troy: Well so when you get off the table and you re-engage the muscles you can get spasming, so this just helps get the muscles re-firing. If you have been in spasm and you start relaxing the muscles and pulling them apart when you get back into gravity, you can tighten it back up again. How does it feel?

Lisa: Good! It feels good.

Dr. Troy: It should feel good. You know when you first get back into gravity it can be a little scary like, what is happening, and then once you kind of get things settled down it can feel pretty good. I noticed when I first did decompression, I felt relief immediately. I got off the table and I went oh man I feel better! Pretty amazing. You cool?

Lisa: Yeah

Videographer: What is the frequency of treatment? How many times per week? How many weeks?

Dr. Troy: Usually sometimes we will start them off daily or three times a week. Depending on acute they are. And 4-8 weeks of treatment, 20-30 sessions usually takes care of the majority of people that are going to respond positively to spinal decompression.

Videographer: So what do people do if they have questions about this or if they want to try it out?

Dr. Troy: You can actually check us out on spinaldecompressiongroup.com

You can call our office at (360) 260-6903 and when you schedule a consultation just make sure you let them know you are interested in spinal decompression so that we can make sure we are taking care you.