GI Issues Chiropractic Care

GI issues usually cause pain in your stomach and can make simple tasks like eating food not enjoyable. Thankfully, many GI issues can be improved through the use of chiropractic care.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here in Vancouver, Washington at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

You know a lot of people ask about GI issues. They would never think chiropractic and GI because there’s a specialist, a medical doctor or their gastroenterologist.  

So, really GI is your gastro your gastrointestinal tract which consists of your esophagus, stomach, your elimination system. So if you have an issue with your GI tract maybe it’s acid reflux or it’s indigestion or pain when you eat dairy. So these could be things that potentially chiropractic can help.

You go, how could chiropractic, how could just doing something to your back affect those organs?

What you have to understand, what controls the organs every time I get on here I say the nerve system runs it all. If you look here, the brain the, spinal cord and the nerves innervate your gastrointestinal system. So for you to eliminate, to have a bowel movement, it’s controlled by your nerve system. For you to digest your peanut butter and jelly sandwich it’s controlled through nerve system, for you to swallow water the muscles that move down your esophagus are controlled through your nerve system.

If there’s a disturbance in that nerve system, if the vertebra in your body, if the bones are in alignment the nerves are going to work a hundred percent. If they’re out of alignment through traumas, toxins, thoughts it’s going to interfere with the nerves. Your stomach and your gastrointestinal system is going to work weaker like this.

So the whole purpose of chiropractic is to determine do you have that if you do we make an adjustment and we open up the life channel so the body works better. The other thing that I always tell patients who have any GI issues is to get on Wuji Chlorella; it’s green, it’s a whole food, it’s alkalizing, it’s been shown to help with gastrointestinal problems, proper pH, helps with detoxification.

So many of us are toxic from what’s in our food, the pesticides, the herbicides, just the whole processing of how foods are now. We always say they’re dead foods. So Chlorella is a whole food, it’s live, it helps. So between Chlorella and getting adjusted there may be some relief for anyone suffering with GI problems.

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