Cervical Traction Unit Demonstration

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You can buy a cervical traction unit to help restore spinal function. In the video below, Dr. Troy demonstrates how to use it.

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Video Transcription

Hello, it’s Dr. Troy here from Zenaptic Chiropractic.

I see a lot of patients who have headaches, neck pain, numbness and tingling in their hands. They will have disc issues, disc bulges, and hernias. One of the great ways to see if we can help reduce that suffering and the pressure that’s on the soft tissue is through a cervical traction unit.

This is one of the things that we’ve prescribed for many, many of our patients. This unit is something you can hang at home on the wall, you can get an eyebolt screw it into the wall, it has an attachment here so you can hang it over the door; put it on the door, close the door and then you do your traction.

I will demonstrate how we do the traction in our office.

These are adjustable so that if you’re the only one or you have a couple family members that will use it, the best thing and the cheapest thing to do is to put the eyebolt in the wall and then set the traction for your height.

We recommend that the traction unit should be about shoulder height when it’s set up. Your hands will be here and this goes behind the head. The whole goal here is to try to re-establish that cervical curve.

The U.S. cycling team found if they position their riders on the cycle with the 45-degree curve they’re going to get maximum lung function and that’s important for cycling. It’s important for people who sit at a desk and do all that, like most of us commoners, not elite athletes.

Extend the head as far as we can. None of this should hurt it shouldn’t be painful, if it’s painful you’re going too hard. I see a lot of motor vehicle accidents, they have fresh injuries and their soft tissues are very sensitive. We’re just going to extend back as far as we can and we’re going to bring that to the chin.

The whole goal is to extend your head back and then we are going to traction up this way. Slightly bend your knees, come down and hold. Many times you’ll hear a popping sound in the neck, you’ll hear gas releasing but we hold for five seconds. Then we come up and back down and hold. Usually, I will have the patients take a deep breath as they come down and then out. So they are opening that lung volume.

What this does is, the longer you stand in gravity the discs are going to squish together and the water is going to come out of them, kind of like a sponge. The theory behind this is we’re opening up those disks and we’re tractioning them to the normal spinal curve. That’s going to bring nutrients in going to help puff up the discs. There’s foraminal, where the nerves come out of the spine if there ‘s foraminal compression it’s going to help open that up.

This help tremendously with shoulder problems, headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, carpal tunnel issues, elbow pain. This is a great tool, I can’t strongly suggest this enough.

This is something you can get in our office, we can mail you one we have them on our website. There are all kinds of videos about this on there. There are a lot of great health benefits especially people now with texting, computers, driving, sitting on the couch watching tv.

We tend to bring our head forward like this, it accelerates the degeneration in our neck and the breakdown of our spine, ultimately it’s going to affect our health.

This is Dr. Troy talking about cervical traction. If you’re interested in one call our office or if you have some issues and you want some help with, free consultation for anyone who calls and says I saw you online.

This is Dr. Troy, (360)260-6903.