Atlas Orthogonal Check

woman holding neck

The atlas orthogonal check does not involve cracking or popping like traditional chiropractic care.

The atlas adjustment is a light adjustment that helps with alignment. If you’re scared of chiropractic, this is a nice alternative.

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Video Transcription

I want to go through an atlas orthogonal check. We are going to do a check on the upper cervical integrity on this patient.

We checked her earlier and she’s got a left short leg. If we bring those legs up they will balance. We will do a few pumps on the sacrum to get the nerve system to relax and calm down. Now, if we check it again we notice that the left leg is still shorter than the right side.

I am going to have the patient turn their head to the right and then we’re going to retest that leg. We’re going to notice that the leg-length changes, that is an indicator that she put her neck more into lesion. Now we have her turn her head to the left, lift her legs and we see that they are even. That is where the atlas need to be.

We want to reduce as much tension off the cord as possible. When we set the atlas, we are going to use a light force, there’s no cracking. Our whole goal is to make sure we balance the leg-lengths, that is the number one indicator that there is pressure and stress on the upper cervical brainstem area.

Just looking at her, her legs are balanced. As you noticed before there was almost an inch discrepancy in the leg-length when she turned her head to the righ. That tells us we set the atlas, got the brainstem in alignment, and got the life forces flowing.

We see people who have atlas misalignment have headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain, numbness or tingling into the extremities.

It is a very light and safe effective way to help correct these problems.

This is Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor.

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