Upper Cervical Adjustment

chiropractor performing orthogonal adjustment on patient

In the interview below, Dr. Troy Dreiling discusses upper cervical leg-length discrepancies and how to correct this through the use of the atlas orthogonal adjustment technique.

This method is performed by your chiropractor but does not include the typical “cracking” associated with chiropractic treatment.

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Upper Cervical Adjustment Technique

(Please note this transcription comes from a prior video interview which is no longer available online.)

Dr. Troy from Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington.

I want to show you an analysis of the upper cervical leg-length discrepancy. I want to show you how to correct that through a light atlas orthogonal adjustment. There’s no thrusting, no cracking sounds, it’s very gentle, feels good, and we’ve seen some amazing results.

This here is a patient, she has a left short leg. There is approximately a two-inch difference on the left side versus the right side. I am going to bring the legs up to test so that leg becomes balanced and I’m going to have my patient turn their head to the left; we’re going to do an analysis.

If you notice the leg-length actually balances when we do that. We then turn the head to the right, we’re doing another analysis. That actually brings the leg-length more uneven, that’s an indicator that there’s pressure due to an atlas for upper cervical misalignment, putting tension on the cord.

We are using her as a string puppet to turn the head to measure. When we turn the head do the legs change? When you look at the graphics that we are going to show you, you will see where the cord pressure could be coming from.

We are going to set the atlas. We are making atlas orthogonal adjustments, it is three light thrusts, there’s no force, it’s a light tork. The atlas has six different vectors, we’re going to set the atlas with a light movement and we just tork.

We always want to do a post-check to see if we’re making corrections. If you notice, the legs went from a two-inch discrepancy back down to balanced. That is a perfect adjustment with amazing results. We set the atlas, free up the brainstem, turns the life back on.

Chiropractic works. I have been doing this for over 21 years and every time I do this I check the atlas, set it, and recheck the legs. Patients notice the difference, they feel better and function better.

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