Wobble Disc Demonstration

Help hydrate your discs and get your spine feeling better with the wobble disc. Check out my video below to see how it works.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here the Vancouver, Washington chiropractor.

This here is a wobble disc. It’s portable, you can take it with you, blow it up a little more or a little less, there’s a lot of different uses for it.

One of the main things we use it for in our office is to help hydrate the discs, warm up the muscles, ligaments, tendons of the spine. You get about a ten times better adjustment.

You can stand on this, you can do different rehab things with it but the primary way we encourage patients to use this is we have them put in on a chair. A lot of people use this at work, we actually had a school district that ordered a bunch of these for the kids in the classroom that were kind of hyperactive, it helps calm down the nerve system.

We have patients sit on this and go through a series of motions. We have them flex and extend helping to hydrate the discs that don’t have a blood supply, helps bring nourishment to the ligaments and to warm up the soft tissue.

A lot of people report to me that they’re really stiff in the morning. This is a great activity first thing in the morning because you’ve been laying in bed all night and the blood is not moving, the toxins build up and so this is a great way to get that system firing.

We also have them rotate side to side. This just helps ease the tension and you’ll notice once you do this more things start warming up. You start getting more flexible, you start feeling better. You get a little buzz going, kind of like a runner’s high.

That’s because we’re focusing on getting the sacred moving, the cerebrospinal fluid moving and it’s just a great overall activity.

It’s very easy to do, anybody can do it. It’s great for people with balance problems. They can sit on a chair and still do the rehab; especially for the older geriatric type patients. It’s a great tool for people to use.

We encourage people to get the wobble chair, use it daily, even sit on it at work. We have a lot of patients who do that. They will sit on this thing and it helps them focus more especially when they are sitting at computers and doing that.

If you’re interested in this we have these in our office. We sell them and we can ship them to you. Just call our office at (360)260-6903.

This is Dr. Troy from Zenaptic Chiropractic.