Why Take Wuji Chlorella After A Massage

Chlorella provides the body with nearly all its nutritional needs, is a powerful Immune System Builder, daily detoxifier and is excellent for digestion! Chlorella helps your cells detox so you can rejuvenate from the inside out! 

Dr. Troy explains how Wuji Chlorella can help with your body’s natural healing process after you get a massage.

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Video Transcription

It’s Dr. Troy here. I want to talk about Wuji Chlorella, the little green miracle, and massage. 

We always say we have to stimulate to activate. When you’re getting a massage, your stimulating nerves or stimulating muscles, you’re stimulating blood flow. Many times people can experience soreness and discomfort That’s due to the toxins or the inflammatory stuff that is being stimulated.

One of the really awesome things to do is to take Wuji Chlorella. It’s a whole food, I have got to repeat that, it is a whole food. I call it fuel. We say to re-energize and revitalize take chlorella. It’s an anti-inflammatory and it will alkalis your blood. It actually has the growth factor in it.

People always say, oh man I got to take these pills. You can’t look at it as pills. These are little teeny tiny green pills, a whole food supplement chock full of vitamins and minerals. I tell people, you can replace your multivitamin with this whole food, chlorella.

To stimulate your nerve system and your healing process, this stuff is amazing. It actually helps your bowels detoxify. Any of those toxins in your system, this will help them eliminate faster. It actually helps the RNA and DNA repair faster because of the growth factor that’s in it.

If you take one pill within 24 hours it will multiply to four pills. It’s like eating broccoli, one little strand of broccoli, imagine you get the benefits of eating four strands of broccoli just from one pill. This stuff is amazing. I put my kids on it, I tell everybody to take it.

This is the benefit of doing Wuji with massage to maximize your recovery, maximize your energy and maximize your healing.

This is Dr. Troy on why we should have chlorella and massage.