Why Drink Water After A Massage


Hydrating your body helps to eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation, by doing so you start feeling better.

Dr. Troy Dreiling explains why you need to drink water after a massage.

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Video Transcription

Dr. Troy here.

I want to talk about this stuff right here, liquid gold we call it. It’s water, H2O!

It’s pretty amazing. We found that if you hydrate your body you help eliminate toxins, you reduce inflammation, you’re feeling better.

Especially after a massage. Our therapists always say, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. People always ask “why do I have to hydrate and drink so much water”? Well, we’re getting in there, working in the muscles, ligaments, tendons that might have scar tissue or waste products in there. This helps stimulate the waste product removal. The more water you can drink before and after a massage the better.

In addition, 80% of your muscles are made up of this stuff. So if you’re dehydrated the muscles aren’t going to respond as good and you may even have more soreness. We’ve even seen people experience bruising sometimes because they’re dehydrated.

We encourage people to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate after a massage. It will help you recover, you will feel better, you’ll actually sleep better. There are some benefits that people say, this stuff right here in this bottle, water, will actually help them lose weight and boost their energy.

This is what we’re about here at Zenaptic. Hydration, massage, adjustments. Getting you back on track with your health.

This is Dr. Troy on why you should hydrate after a massage.