Vertebral Subluxation

Your spinal cord and nerve system run your entire body and affect your overall health.


Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor.

I want to talk about the vertebral subluxation. It’s actually a chiropractic vertebral subluxation, it’s a concept. Many times people come in and they don’t really know what chiropractic is all about. I will sit down with a patient, take a few minutes to explain to them and show them how the brain, spinal cord and nerve system run your entire body. They help your organs and muscles work, your arms to move and your body to function properly along with your hormonal and sleep system.. Your nerve system controls and regulates everything.

We found when the vertebrae gets out of alignment from physical stress like car accidents or sitting; repetitive stress, chemical stress, even the things you’re putting in your body; the food, the pesticides, the preservatives that are in food, those can actually create vertebral misalignment intention. We also have stress that we go through like mental stress. There are a lot of different things that can contribute to creating a misaligned spine that affects the function of your entire nerve system which openly will affect your health. You can actually have a shortened life span of fourteen years if you have postural distortions in your spinal column.

The vertebral subluxation interferes with the nerve system. The main purpose of chiropractic, especially Zenaptic Chiropractic and our upper cervical work is to reduce the pressures and stress that are on the nerve system.

If you know of anybody that is suffering, they need to get checked. We do a free consultation to see if we can help.

This is Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor in Vancouver, Washington.