Kaylee’s Review – I love the people here!

Q: Why did you come in for treatment?

A: I came in for treatment because I was in a car accident and I started having really bad pain in my lower back, my neck and I started having really bad migraines.

Q: How has chiropractic care been helping?

A: It’s completely gotten rid of my migraines. I only have them once in a while now and it’s helping my back slowly. But, it’s helping a lot I can really feel when I don’t come in for a few days and then I’m like oh my back’s starting to hurt and then I’ll come in and then it’s all better.

Q: What would you tell your friends?

A: I would tell my friends that this is a great environment. I love the people here, they greet me by name every time I come in and it’s just it’s fun and everyone knows you in here it’s awesome.