Jennifer’s Review –  Come see Dr. Troy!

Q: What kind of pain, what kind of problems were you having before you came in?


A: I had really bad hip pain and neck pain. My hips were really crooked so it was getting to the point where I couldn’t almost walk. It was really bad

Q: And how has chiropractic care helped you?

A: It has alieved my pain. My hip pain has gone down, it’s crazy, so much. I don’t think that I’d be walking, I’d probably in a chair or something if I hadn’t been seeing Dr. Troy. I’ve been here for a few years so he’s helped me a lot.

Q: What would you tell your friend?

A: I tell them to come see Dr. Troy.  Anytime I hear somebody is like, oh my neck my back…I got a good chiropractor mm-hmm