Elizabeth’s Review – Go see Dr. Troy, he’ll get you back on track!

Q: Why did you come in for treatment? What kind of pain where you having?

A:  I was having multiple kinds of pain. I had pain in my back, my hips and my knees. But, in addition to that I was having intestinal issues which were cleared up.

Q: Awesome and so how has chiropractic care helped?

A: Chiropractic care has helped, first of all as I say my intestinal issues have been resolved, I’m not having the hip pain that I was having that the lower back pain as much, my knee pain is much better and so is my neck. It’s controllable now, I’m not taking medications for it.

Q: Awesome. What would you tell your friends?

A: I’d say and I have on numerous occasions, go see Dr. Troy that he’ll get you on the right track.