Skeptical Of Chiropractic? Here’s What To Do

confused woman

Some people have never been to see a chiropractor because they are skeptical.

There are many chiropractic myths out there that cause people to be cautious.

Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling explains what to do if you’re skeptical of chiropractic care. His advice is simple and straightforward – just watch the video below to find out!

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Video Transcription

I would say to someone who is skeptical of chiropractic to check it out. Do a consultation with a doctor, not with your friends or family. Do it with a doctor who is licensed and trained in chiropractic who can show you what they do and can correlate it to maybe show you what is going on with you. Keep an open mind to it; a lot of people I see who are skeptics don’t even give it a try.

I have been doing this for twenty-one years and I always tell patients it’s going to take some time and some work. It’s not like a narcotic where you don’t feel the pain and then the narcotic wears off and you take some more. Even pharmacists know that you have to do repetitive pills over time to get a shift in your physiology.

A lot of people think we just want to take your money but I have to tell you, people who follow our recommendations usually see results within six to twelve weeks. If you want results you really have to put your faith, if you will, into a chiropractor who knows what they are doing and trusts that they are doing the best of their ability to help you regain your health.

The people that don’t do that, the ones that fight and struggle with that, are the ones that don’t get the results; it’s all about getting results. If people come in with the mindset of having surgery, then that’s what they are going to have. It doesn’t if you adjust them ten times or one hundred times, they are going to say, I need this.

I just tell the skeptics, keep an open mind, come do a consultation. See if it’s something that is right for you.