SI Joint Pain Chiropractic Care

The sacroiliac joint otherwise known as “SI” can not only affect your low back but it can also put a strain on your sciatic nerve.

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Hello, Dr. Troy here, the Vancouver chiropractor.

SI joint pain is our topic today.

People say,  my doctor said I have an SI problem.

What does that mean?

Sports Illustrated? Super excited? No, it stands for sacrum which is this triangular bone here. This is is a bone we call the sacred bone, all the vertebra stack on top of the sacrum. Then you have the ilium, so this big bone here we could call it the pelvic bone, this is the ilium.

Tight here you have this big joint and there is a lot of neurology happening through here. This joint gets out of alignment, I see it a lot in car accidents. People have their foot on the brake they get hit and that joint gets sprained.

That joint can get misalignment, it can be caused from traumas, falls, sports. Even sitting. A lot of people Sit wrong so they put a lot of excessive strain on the SI or sacroiliac joint.

How do we check for that?

One thing we do is a functional analysis; how is that spinal joint functioning? We do a leg check, we can take x-rays, we do a physical examination to determine is that SI joint dysfunctional.

The other thing that not only can cause low back pain but if this thing gets out of alignment it can put traction and stress on the nerves that go and make up the sciatic nerve. So now we might have hip pain, we might have leg pain, we might even foot pain when there’s SI joint dysfunction.


That’s why you do an examination and evaluation, to determine is SI joint pain coming from a mechanical

disturbance. In many, many cases that’s what the cause of the SI pain is coming from, this joint dysfunction.

Chiropractic is right up the alley for helping people get better with SI problems. If you’re interested in a consultation with any of the doctors at Zenaptic (360) 260-6903 is the number.