Shoulder Flexibility Exercises

Arm Band Exercise

In this video, chiropractor Dr. Troy Dreiling talks about Shoulder and Upper Back Exercises that stretch and strengthen.

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here and I want to talk today about shoulder stretches, exercises, and strengtheners. And also, upper back, because a lot of us have this forward head posture from sitting at our desks, driving, typing, texting. I want to go through some movements that can increase your flexibility, reduce joint pain and make you feel better overall.

Tubing Exercises

One of the things that got me into chiropractic was actually a shoulder injury. I have learned a few things over the years that can help people with shoulder complaints. One of the things I like using is tubing exercises. There’s different colors and different densities for different resistance, so there’s lots to choose from. You can get them, all kinds of stores sell these now. You can get them online. So this is a grip I use. You don’t have to have a grip. You could use it just with your hand and grip it this way.

External and Internal Rotator Exercise

Here is an external rotator exercise. It is going to strengthen the muscles in the back of your shoulder, which so many of us have weaknesses because we are always leaning forward. This is just an external exercise. We just externally rotate our shoulder. I always recommend 10 to 15 reps. You can hold it, bring it in, hold it and then you switch sides.

The other opposite to that would be we’re going to internally rotate our shoulders were going to come in this way. We’re going to internally rotate and help stabilize the shoulder joint.

The shoulders are pretty amazing because it’s all held in there by ligaments and muscles. We’re just going to help strengthen. This actually feels good.
When I hurt my shoulder real bad, this is one of the exercises that really helped me get strong. So there’s that, internal and external rotation.

Lateral Raises

Now, the next one I want to show you is, we call these lateral raises. There’s different ways to do this, different resistance. We just bend our elbows slightly and we come straight up and then down. Then straight up and hold. I like about 15 to 20 reps. You should use a band that has enough resistance where you’ll feel it after 15 to 20, but it’s not killing you. Not like you are not like, “A-R-R” [groans] on rep six or seven.

Nice and smooth, this is all about flexibility. It’s not about weight training and bulking up. It’s about building flexibility and intrinsic strength of the joint. That’s lateral raises.

The next one, this is really good for people who sit a lot, because the back posterior muscles, your neck, your upper back, they’re all going to get weak and tight. You are wondering why you hurt all the time. This is a great exercise. We come up and then we bring our elbows, you want to make sure your heads up. We bring our elbows up boom. Just like that, squeeze in between your shoulder blades. We’re coming here. We are squeezing and then back down, 15 to 20 reps. The great exercise.

You can take your bands anywhere. That’s why I like them. If you are using weights at the gym, it’s a lot harder to take a big dumbbell with you than a very simple exercise band. Then you throw in your suitcase, your backpack, whatever you’re doing.


If you still have shoulder issues upper back issues that aren’t resolving from doing some exercises, you definitely need to come in and get checked. We’d be happy to a free consultation and evaluate if chiropractic is right for you. If you’ve got joint dysfunction in there affecting the way your body is functioning, we will evaluate and determine what course is necessary to get you better and get you feeling good again.

If you’ve got joint dysfunction in there affecting the way your body is functioning, we will evaluate and determine what course is necessary to get you better and get you feeling good again.

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