We offer the following practical and rehabilitation services to help you heal and remain healthy.

  • Nutrition recommendations. You are what you eat. We’ve all heard this saying and it could not be more true. What you put in your body is key to maintaining good health from the inside out. We offer cutting edge nutritional products to help you detox, heal, and maintain your health. Basic nutrition is key to supporting your body’s innate healing potential. We offer a variety of classes and lectures to help you achieve your health care goals. The monthly advance classes offer an array of topics including detox protocols, weight loss, cleansing, blood pressure, stress reduction, health stretching, and goal setting. Call us for schedule of upcoming classes.
  • Advanced Chiropractic Care. Chiropractic adjustments are the foundation of what we do here at Zenaptic Chiropractic. Chiropractic is a safe and effective method for realigning vertebrae along the spinal column. Adjustments often lead to immediate relief of painful symptoms and when chiropractic is combined with our other services, you are on your way to having a healthier body with less suffering. Dr. Troy is trained in many advanced chiropractic correction techniques that are gentle, safe, and that feel good.
  • Massage Therapy. We offer therapeutic and relaxation massage to help assist in getting your body more functional. Whether you were in a recent car accident and are in need of therapeutic massage to help maximize the healing process or you simply need to unwind and relax – our massage therapy techniques will help you maintain your good health.
  • Digital State Of The Art X-Rays. Digital, minimal exposure Zenaptic X-rays analysis is a safe way of allowing us to see exactly what is wrong with your neuro-musculo-skeletal system. X-rays only take a few minutes to process and are covered by most insurances. We also offer Digital X-Ray demarcation to evaluate for ligamentous laxity in the spine to determine proper care and settlement of personal injury claims
  • Pettibon Traction.The patented Repetitive Cervical Traction is used for loading and unloading of the disc and paraspinal soft tissue to reestablish necessary motion in both the cervical and lumbar spine. Since the disc and spinal ligaments and tendons have a very limited blood supply this rehab devices helps aid in the healing process by allowing proper nutrients to be delivered to affected areas. It helps aid in muscle relaxation and reestablish normal neck/cervical curves and alignment. We use in preparation of a spinal adjustment.
  • Pettibon Wobble Chair (rehab). The Therapeutic (Wobble) Chair is a patented, specially-designed seat. The seat facilitates all possible combinations of exercise motion needed for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery, and waste elimination. This chair is used in preparation to an adjustment. Patients who use this device feel more relaxed, looser and flexible. It assists in warming up the paraspinal soft tissues and make the chiropractic adjustment for effective. We recommend drinking 8 oz of water five minutes prior to using the chair and an additional 8 oz of water afterwards, to maximize the hydration of the spinal discs and support of your soft tissues.
  • Heated Hydromassage. This is our “dry” jacuzzi tube. You lay on your back on a mini water bed that is heated. Jets are then turned on to massage your sore or tired back. This helps with relaxation and blood flow to the spine and its surrounding components.
  • Intersegmental Traction / Decompression. IST (intersegmental traction / decompression) is a table you lay on which has a specially-designed roller that travels up and down your spine. It is used to help mobilize and decompress tension trapped in your spinal joints, discs, tendons and muscles. It’s depth is adjustable and vibration is an option.
  • Computerized Range Of Motion. Computerized range of motion testing is one of the gold standards for measuring the outcome assessment for a course of specific corrective chiropractic care. This test is performed to measure the improved function in certain regions of the spine. Initial testing is performed by placing motion sensors on certain parts of your spine. Then, your spine is moved in certain directions to measure how that section moves. After a course of usually 8-15 adjustments,  a follow up comparative test is done to determine your overall percentage of improvement.
  • Atlas Orthogonal Treatment. Atlas Orthogonal treatment is a specialized chiropractic service. It does not involve the typical manipulation (“twisting” or “popping”) you would expect from your chiropractor. This method involves gentle touch to the affected area to help restore your body’s balance. It is painless, safe, and effective for bringing you back to health.