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Scoliosis is a way to describe which way your spine is shifted. It can be painful but it doesn’t have to be. Chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver Washington chiropractor.

Today’s topic is scoliosis. What is it?  How do we treat it? How do you diagnose it? Is it a significant finding?

So, today we want to talk about this.  I have a lot of patients who come in they said, oh you know somebody told me I have scoliosis.  Well, to me, I go what does that really mean? What are you in pain? That’s really the key, do you hurt?

First let’s talk about this is a curve in the neck. So the curve this way in the neck is called lordosis, the curve in the mid-back is called kyphosis. So if you got a forward curve hunchback, that’s a kyphotic curve. In your neck it’s a lordotic curve.


Now, in your neck you can lose that curve so you’ve got loss of lordosis. When we look at the front view of the spine it should be straight but if the curve goes this way we call it scoliosis. So all it is is a way to describe which way your spine is shifted.


Is that significant? I don’t know but what I do know is if there’s misalignment and pressure on the nerves

that can cause you to shift away from a center posture. Can chiropractic help with that? The answer is yes in many cases we can.


Our job is to restore function to the joints and a lot of times when you see joints that are out of alignment you’re going to see this shift, you’re going to see a scoliotic shift. Sometimes there’s severe cases and

there’s certain chiropractors who specialize in severe cases for restoring scoliotic curves but the majority of people with the scoliotic curve will respond really well to traditional, specific, gentle, safe chiropractic care.


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