Rebounder Exercises And Benefits


Rebounder exercises help with spinal adjustment. Check out the video below for some tips from Dr. Troy!

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Video Transcription

Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here, the Zenaptic Chiropractor.


I know, keep watching me, we’re going up and down here but this is a rebounder. I am on a Bellicon rebounder and this is a great tool for help building all kinds of stuff. It helps endurance, strength, flexibility, proprioception, and balance. I’m just lightly bouncing on the rebounder this is for health.

So, we’re using gravity. Just like when you’re lifting weights, or you hike, you’re basically working against gravity. This is a very simple exercise just to get the blood flowing. They call it “cellercise”.

You’re actually exercising all 70 trillion cells in your body.

So, this is a health move. Also, if your geriatric or you have balance issues I would recommend you get a rebounder that you can hold on to. They have ones that you can just bounce on so you don’t lose your balance.


The next one that I want to show is for aerobics. I did this the other day, you can actually run in place. I was actually using my heart rate monitor. So you’re running in place and cranking up your heart.


The next one is for strength. So now we bounce and we get up in the air, we’re bouncing and building strength. There are other things you can do like use your arms.

One of my buddies, he’s a seriously ripped guy he used to be a bodybuilder and all he does is rebound., he’s amazing. So, rebounding is good.


The next thing you can do is a slalom, you jump side to side, it helps work your balance. You see a lot of gymnasts use the rebounder, the exerciser. So there are a couple of things you can do there.

Mobility Limitations

Now another thing you can do is, if you’re limited in mobility, you can sit on the rebounder. You can just balance like this. Now you are working your core, your abs. You’re not going to lose your balance so you rebound just like this. I can actually feel it in my abs and my heart rate is going up.


The other thing I didn’t mention, you can get the twist in here. So now, you twist. You’re using gravity to help rotate your body, your core, your abdomen, a good cardiovascular workout, a good foot workout, good leg workout. It’s amazing. I can tell my heart rate is going up, not really doing much.


It’s a great exercise, I would recommend rebounding it’s low-impact. These are great rebounders, the Bellicon’s are one of the best ones I found. So I would recommend rebounding a couple of days a week to help build strength, stamina, endurance, and work on your balance and proprioception.

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