Pinched Nerve Chiropractic Care

If you have ever had a pinched nerve then you know how painful it can be.

Dr. Troy Dreiling explains some of the causes of a pinched nerve and explains how chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy hear from Zenaptic Chiropractic. The Vancouver chiropractor.

You know, I want to talk today about pinched nerves.

A lot of patients will come in and go oh I think I have a pinched nerve, my friend says I got a pinched nerve. So, a lot of times people you know they don’t quite understand that but that is the classic chiropractic definition of the word subluxation.

Which basically means that bone is out of alignment in the spine which irritates, compresses, stretch, upsets the nerve and hence you’ll get symptomatology like a pinched nerve.

It will be like, oh my neck hurts I can’t turn it or my back hurts. A lot of times people say pinched nerve in their neck or their low back. They could have muscle pain, muscle weakness, you could also get numbness tingling, you get paresthesia which is an altered sensation in your skin.

How Does A Pinched Nerve Happen?

Mechanically we know there are  26 movable bones in the spine, I’ve calculated there are over 5,600 different ways the spinal joints can move. There are 313 spinal joints.

So, if we take this model here, if the vertebra in alignment, the bones; you have two bones here and coming off in between the two bones as a hole and it’s called the intervertebral frame but if that hole’s open the messages are going to flow properly from the brain out through the cord through the nerves to integrate the muscle, skin, soft tissue, whatever organs.

So, if the vertebra gets out of alignment, usually from some sort of stress or trauma, could be chemical, mental, physical stress, the vertebra will misalign and it will irritate that nerve creating symptomatology and over time those joints can actually generate and breakdown. But, this is classically what patients are describing as a pinched nerve.

This is a very common problem in chiropractic offices. Chiropractic adjustment specifically to realign the vertebrae, to restore the nerve flow, to restore the joint function, to reduce the joint dysfunction, that’s really the whole goal.

How Do We Check For That?

One, we take a history, next we do an examination to feel and palpate where are these joints out of alignment and after 24 years in practice we’ve discovered a few things about how the spine function is and how it doesn’t function. If it is determined that the spines out of alignment, there’s joint dysfunction as what many people call pinched nerve classic chiropractors call it spinal subluxation, it is correctable there is hope and there is relief.


We always tell patients you don’t have to come forever we just have to get you here long enough so we can correct that interference to the vertebra so that the body can feel better, you function better, you regain your health.

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This is Dr. Troy from Zenaptic Chiropractic.