Menstrual Cramps Chiropractic Care

Menstrual cramps are not only painful but can also stop you from doing your everyday activities. Chiropractic care can help reduce that pain and get you back to living your life.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here the Vancouver chiropractor.

Today I want to mention and talk about menstrual cramps, menstrual issues, even issues with the menstrual cycle.

So how in the world would a chiropractor help with menstrual problems? That’s the first question you’re probably asking. Why in the world is this guy shooting a video on menstrual problems? Well here’s the real answer you gotta look at what regulates and controls the menstrual cycle.

If we look at Gray’s Anatomy it says the brain through the spinal cord and the nerves that come off control and regulate every function from our hormonal production to sleep to digestion to elimination. Every function is controlled through the nervous system.

So, we look at the uterus and we look at the ovaries and if we have an interference in the flow of energy through the nerves to the uterus then it t is not going to function properly. A lot of times when patients have menstrual cramps their parasympathetics here, the nerves that control these lower organs, they’re going to be out of balance with the sympathetics. The sympathetics actually help us respond to stress and the parasympathetics actually help us recover from stress so it’s a check and balance to the nerve system. If there’s been any sort of trauma to the spine, dysfunction to the joint, it can affect how the nerves function you can get dysautonomia.

I had a case I’ll tell you about. This skater, she was out the high-level skater would fall a lot and land on your sacrum so she’s falling on the ice paying bang bang bang bang and that misaligned the vertebra, interfered with the nerve flow to her uterus. She wouldn’t have a menstrual cycle, maybe once a year and when she did it was very painful and she couldn’t get pregnant. So here she is dysmenorrhea, severe low back pain when she would have episodes of her menstrual cycle which is very irregular and infertile.

So I said well let’s take a look and see if there’s a misalignment in the spine that is affecting the nerves and sure enough that’s what we found. We started the course of corrective chiropractic care and within three months her menstrual cycle started like clockwork every month and within two years was able to conceive her first child.

So how the heck does chiropractic work? Well really it looks for is there an interference in the nerves. Whether you have menstrual problems or not chiropractics focus is to detect and correct joint dysfunction and reduces that so the body functions properly and heals properly and naturally. That’s the beautiful part about chiropractic.

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