Lumbar Wedge Demonstration


In this video, Dr. Troy will demonstrate how to properly use the Lumbar Wedge as well as explain how it helps to rehydrate and realign your spine.

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Video Transcription

So this right here is the lumbar wedge or the low back wedge that goes right above the waist, your pelvis area where the beltline would go just slightly above that.

Then this is the neck wedge. I always like to have them bring it down as far as they can on to their lower neck so that we extend that curve as much as we can in the neck.

These are decompression blocks and they help decompress the discs, helps to open up the spinal nerves and feels really really good.

I always recommend that people lay on them, start with three minutes. It shouldn’t hurt if it hurts stop. You can lay on them up to 20-30 minutes. A great time to do this is right before bed. The discs are the most dehydrated in the spine at nighttime and so this will help you prepare for sleep. It will help rehydrate those discs as you’re actually anywhere from a half to an inch and a half taller in the morning because the water is reabsorbed back into the discs.

This is a great exercise for people who have carpal tunnel, neck pain, shoulder pain, pain in the lower back if they have sciatic problems. I will openly recommend this to people who are suffering in those regions.

So, I am going to have Lisa sit up. Be very careful when you get up on these, I always recommend getting up very slow because you’re taking ligaments that haven’t been stretched, you’re stretching them so you can make yourself super sore. Anything with nature you want to go super slow.

Just to demonstrate how this actually works. The whole purpose of this is to re-establish the curves in the neck and lower back. Ultimately what we want to have happen is we’re opening up these curves. The average person’s spine is going to look like this from sitting, typing, and texting.

The whole purpose is to open this up so when the spine flexes forward the discs actually can go back, it can bulge back into the spinal cord nerve root lesions. So, the whole purpose of this is it to like that.

When people go to the doctor and the doctor says oh you have a bulging disc, what are you going to do to fix it? Take drugs, do surgery or can you correct it manually? And the answer is as many times you can correct it mechanically on your own without taking drugs with side effects and having a surgical procedure that may not last very long.

That’s our ultimate goal, get the spine functioning naturally so that you get your health back and your quality of life back.

So, if you’re interested in foam rolls or these here, spinal wedges we call them, we have them in our office (360)260-6903. You can pick them up in our office, we can ship them to you. We can explain to you how to do these, happy to help.

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