Kyphosis, most commonly known as a hunchback, can cause an array of issues if you do not take the steps necessary to correct it.

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Hey, Dr. Troy here. The Vancouver chiropractor.

A lot of patients ask me about kyphosis and the best way to describe kyphosis is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Remember he was all hunched forward. He’s got increased kyphosis.

This is a way to describe the curve. This is a lordotic curve going this way in the spine, this is a kyphotic curve. I can’t say how many people have increased kyphosis.

What happens is people are sitting a lot, they’re typing, they’re internally rotating and they’re creating a kyphosis more like fetal position. This could actually drain energy, it can actually cause issues with breathing, hormonal production when you lose posture.

We recommend putting a foam roller in here in here rolling up and down on this so you actually reduce the kyphosis in the mid back. A lot of x-rays will see we’ll have increased kyphosis; now you’re putting tension and stress on the cord and the muscles that surround that.

So, we recommend extension, extension, extension. The more extension we can do the more tension we’re going to take off the muscles, nerves, the discs the better people are going to feel. I always say once you turn 30 you better start taking care of your spine, your nerve system. As you get older you lose flexibility, lose mobility and we see a lot of people are in chronic pain and they don’t know what to do.

Here at Zenaptic, our doctors are trained to help improve the issues related to increased kyphosis. You could see back pain, shoulder pain, then you can see carpal tunnel, numbness and tingling in their hands, even into their legs with increased kyphosis.

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