Insomnia, Sleep Disorders Chiropractic Care

People with sleep disorders usually tend to have a mineral deficiency. With simple spinal adjustments and nutritional support chiropractic care can help.

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Hey, it’s Dr, Troy here. The Vancouver chiropractor.

Today I want to talk about insomnia and sleep disorders.

A lot of people ask me “Can chiropractic help me with sleep disorders?” And usually, the first thing patients will experience once they start getting under regular chiropractic care is they sleep better.

You would never think, “Oh chiropractic for sleep” because if you look at all of the ads on TV, it’s all about, take this pm so you can sleep better. So it’s all a chemical response.

So, what could be causing sleep disturbance? Well, nutritionally we can see a huge factor in people who have sleep issues. They are minerally deficient, they are stressed out. They are eating the stressed out persons diet, which turns out to be high in fat, high in sugar, high in salt. And so they deplete the minerals of their body and their body can’t regulate itself.

And then we look secondly, at what regulates the body. That is the central nerve system. It’s the brain, it’s the spinal cord. The autonomic nerves help balance between the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system. It helps balance your sleep, your hormone production, and your breathing.

So if there is a disturbance, when there is a joint dysfunction, mechanical pressure on nerves, this can dysregulate how your sleep mechanism works. People who are overweight can have issues with this.

But really from a chiropractic standpoint, we are going to look at, are the adrenals fatigued? The answer is usually yes, most people have some adrenal fatigue. So we can do some nutritional support and spinal adjustments. We can teach them how to rest, meditate, relax, and not be so busy.

So those are some of the things that can help improve sleep and insomnia through a natural approach versus taking some over the counter drugs or potent drugs via prescription.

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