Infant Torticollis Chiropractic Care

Many infants due to the traumas of birth have what we call Torticollis. Which, in plain English means a twisted neck.  With simple gentle adjustments, chiropractic care can correct that.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Troy here at Zenaptic Chiropractic.

Mike, one of the guys videoing this, he said “Why don’t you tell people about what infantile torticollis is and share your story about your daughter, so, what is infantile torticollis?

So if you break the word down “Tort” means you’re twisted, and or “collis” means your neck. So you’ve got a twisted neck. That’s kind of the English translation. So you see this in a lot of children, they get torqued, it even happens at the birth process from the trauma they go through of being delivered. Sometimes there’s vacuum extraction or forceps deliveries. Which we tend not to see not to see as much nowadays but these are things that can contribute to infantile torticollis.

My daughter actually developed two cases of it, infantile torticollis and a series of adjustments fixed her basically, in a couple days. This happened after my daughter was born and after my son was born, my oldest developed torticollis. I guess it stressed her out. What happens is the bones of the spine, they will if they’re in alignment, the nerves will be open and things will function more normally. But if they get out of alignment, you can see what it does to that nerve. It is going to impinge that nerve and so the muscles around that joint are going to spasm and if it happens on one side you’re going to see this “torque” of the neck. So that is what we call “torticollis”.

It can happen in adults as well, but that’s when they are spasmodic in one side and they can’t move. I have seen many cases over the years where you start getting them adjusted and they start feeling better. And it relieves the torticollis effect. So if you have it, you know somebody that has it, Zenaptic Chiropractic might be right for you. Call our office at (360) 260-6903.

Any of the doctors on staff here would be happy to help to see if we can relieve you from your torticollis issues.