How To Increase Shoulder Mobility

How To Increase Shoulder Mobility

Dr. Troy explains some of the causes of shoulder pain and immobility and shares some techniques to improve your scapular range of motion. In the video, you’ll learn 4 exercises you can do at home.

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Video Transcription

Hey, this is Dr. Troy, the Vancouver chiropractor.

I have a question from a patient. Nancy in Scappoose ask me, “how do I increase my shoulder scapula mobility”? That is a great question. So many people sit, they drive and they really lose shoulder mobility and flexibility.

One thing that we look for is – is the head forward, have we lost curve in the neck? Number one, if that’s happening it is going to impinge the nerves that go into the arm and you’re going to lose shoulder mobility. Also, if the occiput is shifted it’s going to affect the spinal accessory nerve which affects shoulder elevation and raising your shoulders.

There are a couple of great exercises for increasing your shoulder, it’s scapula mobility. Take your hand and put it behind your back onto your sacrum, your tailbone, and grab your elbow and you pull that forward. Do that side to side, hold it for 5 to 10 seconds, it shouldn’t hurt. You should feel nice stretching.

So you want to just bring that forward to stretch the back of the shoulder. Also, you want to keep your head up. You see a lot of people do this, so they’re actually putting themselves more into lesion.

Another great test is bringing your elbow up above your head and pulling that shoulder back down this way and then you do it the same way with the other side. That is a great test.

Another thing that we used to use is you take a broom handle, grab it here; take your other hand put it behind your back and walk your hands down the broom handle. So your one shoulder is coming up while your other shoulder is coming down. You want to try and get your hands to touch together in the back and you do that from both sides.

Those are great shoulder mobility exercises. I also encourage people to foam roll their shoulders and use soft balls on their shoulders to help break up the tension and tightness that we experience through daily life and our activities.

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